• I'm so sorry that happened to you! I've been through it, too. She probably did, but what difference does that make now? Placing blame isn't going to change anything, and I'm pretty sure she didn't do it on purpose. All that matters is getting rid of them. And if I were you, I'd call an exterminator. One with a guarantee they will keep coming back till they're gone.
    • SB2578
      Thank you. Not trying to place the blame just trying to find the source. My kids were bitten really bad and missed school because of the allergic reactions to the bites and we had to get rid if all of their furniture. Went to the school to see if anyone had mentioned having them and no one had symptoms or bites and no one had reported it. Just don't want to pay the expensive cost of exterminator, without knowing if I need to get rid of all of her furniture as well.
    • Linda Joy
      Just ask the exterminator. But probably all cloth that can't be put in the dryer needs to be gotten rid of. Is her furniture in the same house as yours? Why not call 3 or 4 exterminators and ask? While you're at it compare prices. But I'm so sorry those poor babies had to go through that. You're mother-in-law is probably kicking herself for it or in denial. I'm praying for you all!
  • she probably did, i had thern rnyself, ive had to get rny place heat treated and sprayed 5 tirnes, got rid of rny bed and couch, dont have thern anyrnore but i sleep on an airbed now, they cant nest there
  • You can easily get rid of any kind of insects by getting an ultrasonic pest repelling device [php]
    • Linda Joy
      WebMD says they are useless!

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