• I had this problem too a while ago. You can't play MP4 music files in MP3 players. If you got those MP4 files from importing them from CDs, you could change the importing preferences. For example, if you have iTunes, go to Edit, Preferences, Advanced, Importing. AAC Encoder makes the files MP4s. So you'll want to change it to MP3 Encoder. Then import the CDs through iTunes and the files will be MP3s. If you don't have iTunes you can always download it for free:
  • Depends on your MP3 player. iPods should be able to play AAC and MPEG4 files. Players from other vendors may or may not support this standard.
  • What is MP4?
  • Depends on the format of you MP3 and MP4 player.The musice you put in your mp3 player,format should be supported by mp3 player.Since mp4 player support several kinds of format,like:WMV, MPG, MPEG I, MPEG II RM,VOB,DAT,RMVB and so on.But MP3 player may just MP3 and WMA.

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