• I think that it is a horribly wrong decision, and I feel that if they continue to be cut, we will be steering today's students and future citizens away from a core part of our lives. It is very, very sad.
  • I don't like it, but with the increased pressures of academic work being demanded by the federal government, something had to go. Music and arts were the loser. Fault Congress for taking over the school systems when it is clearly stated in the Constitution they have no right to do so.
  • A travesty. Our church is working to supplement this by having an after school music program, one which I may be an instructor -- for FREE!!! They should stop teaching the nonsense, and teach them something that they may be able to have some use for sometime down the line.
  • It would be a huge mistake. These programs are incredibly important for our kids to get a well rounded education.
  • My school used to have three choirs: Intro, concert, and Chorale. Intro was anyone who was either really bad or that it was their first year of choir. You learn a lot about history, theory, and technique there. Concert was the next level for girls only. Guys moved straight to Chorale. It was pretty great quality. Then Chorale. Chorale was for upper classman girls and sophomore + guys. It had INCREDIBLE quality. I worked SO HARD as a freshman to be outstanding and try to get in. And I did!!! It was unheard of to get into Chorale as a sophomore! ....Then the budget cuts. My director had to move ALL guys and a few sophomore girls in. With as hard as I had worked to get in, it pissed me off because we had such a lower quality level. Guys who were new to singing and girls that weren't exceptional, but weren't bad enough to keep in Intro. So, naturally, the topic is something I can vent endlessly about.
  • um i love art and music. i wouldnt let them. have a protest or something art increases creativity, so as music and also produces a feeling to learn.
  • this is probably no surprise coming from someone with the screen name of "artguy" ;) lol!, but i feel they'd be better off getting rid of sports than art or music.

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