• I think if there is a company dress code and it's deemed offensive according to that, then the boss has the right to insist the employee cover it.
  • an employee is representing the company and they need to follow the employers direction. it is not about the tattoo vs, the person, it's about respecting your supervisor and your job. covering a tattoo is acceptable directions no matter what the tattoo is. i am a department head at a Doubletree hotel and if i told one of my people they needed to cover a tattoo, it wouldn't matter if it was "F U" or "Mickey Mouse", the point is they were give an order by a supervisor. follow directions or find a new job! p.s. one of my people has tattoos on both arms and a ring thru his eyebrow. at work he removes the ting and wears long sheave uniform shirt so no harm, no foul.
  • Nope! I would tell him to cover it up or leave! : )
  • Well it certainly depends on the company. If he came to work at a lumbermill, I'm sure it wouldn't be a problem, but if this was a Five-Star restaraunt I should think the empolyer has every reason to tell him to cover it. It's not any judgement or discrimination toward him, it's just about respecting the people that pay for your service.
  • Be sure this subject is covered in the employee manual. If not, you need to address that issue. In the meantime, if you this employee's supervisor, you can insist that he follow your instructions. A good comeback if you need it "I can do as you suggest, but to expect our guests to do so is not practical."
  • If you are his boss then you have a right to ask him to cover it up if you are just a co worker then you can point out to him where it states in the employee manual that he needs to cover it but you have no say.
  • No your not wrong, He knew that the offensive tattoo might affect other people. Plus if your the boss he should do what you say. You are looking at him as a person, and you are also looking at his tattoo, which he got so people could look at. Your not wrong.
  • No... It's not what YOU see and think about it, but what the guests see and think about it that matters. And he should know that. If no guests are around, or likely to see him, there's no reason to force the coverup. BUT the words (or is it just initials) DO offend enough people that most employers will require it to be covered when he's dealing with or around guests. If you are his employer or supervisor, you can tell him that. If you are a peer, you cannot - you can only advise him. If you are the latter, you must point out to your supervisor or employer that guests will see the tattoo and some, at least, will be offended and leave. If you're a superior, you can say it something like, "While I DO look at the whole person, thus you were hired, guests do not pay us to look at your tattoo, and, I'm sure you understand that some, in fact many, may be offended. I don't think it's too much to ask that you cover that ONE tattoo. You are our representative with these people. If you do NOT cover your it, and we loose customers, we will have to let you go, and we don't really want to do that." You don't say what business this is. But if it has guests, and he will deal with/be in contact with them, then he needs to cover it up.
  • if its not in the employment contract then you have no right ...if it is in there then he has to cover it up
  • No. You're not wrong. It should be covered up (not because it's offensive, but because it's stupid).

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