• italy =]
  • Aound here all the drink is Alpine. If you order something different..well just go away fast!We are in Bathurst New Brunswick Canada
  • Milwaukee!
  • St. Louis Baby!!!!!!!
  • Guinness, somewhere in Ireland, sorry I dont remember the town... G'DaY Regards.
  • You know, I have traveled throughout the U.S., been to Canada, Mexico, Japan, England, Africa, and the Caribbean. There is good beer everywhere; you just have to separate it from some of the really bad beer (which unfortunately is also everywhere). With the great micro-breweries that are everywhere in the states it is hard to go to a town or city that does not have a good local beer. With that said, every answer on this post is going to be spot on, I think that I will have another beer!
  • the best largers in the world come from central europe
  • Right here in St. Louis!!
  • Belgium!
  • The Belgians make amazing beer. Germans come in a close second, followed by the Czechs.
  • Brewopolois, WI
  • California is getting pretty sophisticated, I must say. We pride ourselves on growing good stuff. We have Stone, Sierra Nevada, Gordon Bircsh.
  • Colorado: * Avery Brewing Company, Boulder * Boulder Beer Company, Boulder - Colorado's First Microbrewery, founded in 1979. * Breckenridge Brewery & Pub, Breckenridge, Denver, and Grand Junction * Bristol Brewing Company, Colorado Springs * CB & Pott's Restaurant and Brewery, Fort Collins * CooperSmith's Pub & Brewing, Fort Collins * Dillon Dam Brewery, Dillon * Flying Dog Brewery, Denver * Fort Collins Brewery, Fort Collins * Golden City Brewery, Golden * Great Divide Brewery, Denver * Left Hand Brewing Company, Longmont * New Belgium Brewing, Fort Collins * Odell Brewing Company, Fort Collins * Oskar Blues Brewery, Lyons * Phantom Canyon Brewery Colorado Springs * Pumphouse Brewery, Longmont * Ska Brewing, Durango * Tivoli Union, Denver Former brewery * Tommyknocker Brewery and Pub LLC., Idaho Springs * Wynkoop Brewing Company, Denver * Sandlot Brewery, Denver, This brewery is located in the Coors Field baseball stadium. It is run by the Coors brewing company, but is independent in terms of the beers brewed. and of course, Adolph Coors Co., Golden, Colorado This is the largest single brewery in the world, producing more than 17 million barrels of beer each year. and Anheuser Busch, Fort Collins
  • Germany
  • Yeungling Traditional Lager - Pottsville, PA. America's oldest brewery, established in 1829.

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