• Being a guy. I wouldn't be holding another girls hand. I love my girlfriend. If you caught him strolling along with another girl on his hand I would ask him about it. Is there more to it than just hand holding? I've always thought, "If I didn't love someone enough to be faithful, then I just didn't love them enough" Which is more of something to use as guidline before any cheating could possibly happen. Hope that helps
  • As a guy, I held a girl's hand once, affectionately, while seeing my steady girlfriend of 5 years. I knew that if i pursued the other girl, i could have been with her. I realised that i didn't want to lose my girl, and the only reason i held her hand was because i flattered by the attention the she gave me. I quickly dropped the idea of the other girl because i loved my girlfriend, and apologised to the other girl for holding her hand, as i was sorry if i gave her the wrong signals. Maybe your own boyfriend did the same kind of thing, after all, i've known plenty of guys to get involved with a girl they didn't even like, because the attention feels good. (Boy do us guys have fragile egos!) Thats why a guy might do it innocently, but for most guys, (and i've cheated before, when i was young and insecure) this does not look good at all! You need to speak to him about it, you may never trust him if you don't put this behing you both.
  • Yes, I would, because his action is disrespectful of you, his relationship with you, and your feelings. Basically, he decided that holding her hand was more important to him than how you felt about it. While he has every right to do that, I don't think this is someone you should be investing more time in.
  • I think it would be important to find out the circumstances first. There are some situation when it could be a fairly innocent action, or at least not worth splitting up over. For example, the girl may be a friend who has just had some bad news and he may be offering comfort and reassurance by holding her hand or putting an arm around you- wouldn't you want someone to do the same for you? There may be a bit of flirting or fooling around going on, which, whilst you might not be entirely happy about, isn't necessarily worth breaking up over. Have a chat about it instead and explain that it bothered you. On the other hand it could be something much less innocent- but don't jump to conclusions. Check your facts, talk to him about it- don't end up like the girl I know who dumped a guy because she saw him kiss a girl on the cheek- only to find out later the girl in question was his sister.
  • You have to inquire about the circumstances of the hand holding. if your suspicions are correct, then he has probably done more than just hold her hand. Ask first, act second.
  • probably, yeah, i would have to say so
  • i would have to say yes i would.
  • no i would question him first, i mean seriously questioning n conclude what he said 2 what i saw then make my decision. but it also depends on his reactions when you catch him
  • It depends. Is he playing Red Rover or chain tag or is he just flat out attracted to the girl he's holding hands with?
  • i'd laugh like a maniac
  • yyou must talk to him and ask at first that why u hold hand with that girl , maybe there can be the reason so just talk to him
  • yes! right after i smacked him about 3 times
  • Yes, absolutely.
  • Not on that information alone. Relationships are built on trust and I'm not insecure. However I would talk to him about it

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