• WAIT. You were required as a mandatory rule to be silent? I can see signing up as some club or group thing. But considering how PC school systems are supposed to be, not to mention how intense that is, I think that may be a little much?
  • Teachers try to make students be quiet EVERY day. It doesn't seem to work very well.
  • If you want to support something, thats your choice...not to be forced onto you by school. Especially somthing as controversial.
  • Coming from the other side of the coin, I think a quiet school day would be heavenly, no matter the reason. Although I can't see how that supports anything other than the happiness of the teachers. :)
  • Obviously there's something here I don't get. How does being quiet support the gay community? And are schools allowed to force students to support anything? I agree with the cause. This method however is questionable, legally and ethically.
  • Lame. The choice to do such a thing should be...well...a choice. Not something you're forced to do, especially by your school.
  • Sounds very sinister to me.
  • Not for nothing, but what did that prove?
  • It WAS The National Day of Silence in recognition of anti-homosexual discrimination, but your teachers could not legally force you to be quiet or participate in this. If you had a true issue with it, you should have requested to speak with the principal about it, and if that didn't work, have your parent or guardian come in to speak on your behalf. No one can ever *make* you participate in something like this. They can't even *make* you say the pledge of allegiance, if you choose not to.
  • Sounds pretty asinine to me yo...
  • yes cos its the only chance they can go home without a headache lol

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