• It means she had other plans that she forgot. Call her any time you darn well please (within reason). You're not a puppet.
  • If she wasn't going to be there when she said, she should have called you. That would have been good manners on her part which tells you something about her character BUT she might just have forgot. What was her excuse?
  • It MEANS nothing more than 1) She forgot what time she said she'd be there; 2) Something came up and she HAD to leave before your call; 3) She was taking a shower when the phone rang; 4) The ringer on her phone was off for some reason; ... etc. Don't take a missed call to mean she doesn't want to talk to you. Circumstances beyond her control may have prevented her from answering. You should have tried every 15 minutes for the first hour, then a couple of times at 1/2 hour, and a couple at an hour (depending on the time) until you DID reach her. Don't be mad... Just ask, "What happened? You told me to call at xx:xx. I did, and you didn't answer."
  • You have a rubbish memory.

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