• If you are a beginning investor, NO. Study the stock market and figure out how it works. Start small, in several different stocks.
  • Gold is selling for $1,012.00 an ounce. I never believed it would go higher than in the 80's of $800.00 plus an ounce. Sell it if you have it.
  • There's no such thing as investing in gold. Buying and holding or selling precious metals is speculating, not investing. I remember the 80's when gold spiked to $450/oz. Milk was $1.75/gal, bread was $0.45/loaf, gas was $0.79/gal, basic new cars were about $6k. Now gold is $1k, milk $3.75, bread $1.25, gas $3.50, basic new cars $ net *realized* gain from the 80's til now on gold? 0% or close to it. My numbers are rough and probably a little off...but wow what a crappy "investment" gold would have been for the past 20ish years. Compare that to *ANY* 20 year period of stock market index funds. speculations != investments
  • One thing about gold is that it never depreciates in price/worth, so then anytime should be perfect once you have the money to do so. "Gold makes for great gifts and fine investments because it never depreciates in value."

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