• No, religion is, or at least should be, a personal choice...possibly one of the most personal choices you will make in your life. Do not let your family force a religion you dont believe in on you..choose for yourself EDIT: Apparently somepeople here are not for personal rights...thanks for the bad rating
  • Yes and no... the rest of your family influences how you think, and what you think is right or wrong, even though you may not hold certain tenets of belief. I was raised with certain strong christian values that I don't want to shake, and probably can't shake, no matter how strongly I believe that "god is just a figment of our imagination".
  • Everything you know you learned either from family or from other children. It is not a bit automatic.
  • Depends upon the religion and the community. In some countries when the king converted all of his subject had to convert to his religion. In others family is considered to be part of the same religion. I am a Christian which requires personal conversion and belief so would not be automatic. Though of course we are very influenced being in the environment of religious people while growing up.
  • No, it doesn't.
  • Not necessarily. A person might want to investigate other beliefs before accepting that of his family. Interestingly, that is what the Bible suggests. The apostle John wrote:
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  • All people are held accountable by their own actions. Jeremiah 31:30 "But everyone shall die for his own iniquity. Each man who eats sour grapes, his teeth shall be set on edge."
  • more than "if a majority of your family belongs to a certain political party, that automatically makes you a part of that political party, too."
  • When you are a minor, you are bound to your family traditions, so in this context, "yes". However, as you mature, you should be able to think for yourself and make your own decisions. This includes your religious beliefs. If you disagree with what you have been taught, then it's up to you to break off and go in a direction that you feel is correct. But it doesn't really matter that much - religions are little more than window dressing. They share the same basic belief - it's just a matter of the road one takes to reach the core values.
  • My mother believes in God, but we never went to church or were christened, because she wanted us to make our own choices. As a result I read about most religions, and I was atheist for a number of years.
  • No. Religion is a personal choice.

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