• i think that white is good but t think it depends on the style of the room cuz i mean if the wall are black whould you whant the ceiling grey?
  • A color is really pretty. White is so common.
  • I am a painter by trade. 90% of the time we paint ceilings white. But we do paint with color sometimes. In personal opinion, color on the ceiling looks really good! The only time this might not be true is if you have a popcorn ceiling.
  • 6-1-2017 White. Some people can choose a color and make it look like they knew what they were doing, but if you need advice the advice is white. You can get lots of shades of white, but if you use an actual color you will be surprised by how dark it looks, much darker than it looked in the paint store. So paint your room white, and if you want more color you can hang posters or curtains or something.

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