• Broke my lower right leg 2 1/2 years ago. Had a set of roof trusses roll over on me and snapped it like a twig. 2 steel plates and 28 screws to fix, 10 months off work. My doctor says it was the worst break he had ever seen, and I was lucky to be able to walk again. Amputation and an artificial ankle joint were discussed at one point. I feel a little pain nearly every day, but I guess that's a small price to pay.
  • had some jerk hit me in the arm with a sledge hammer.
  • I've never had a broken arm or leg. *thinks about it*.... WOW I'm shocked at myself.
  • Aha Vinnie the enforcer? Don't mess with the fambly, next time youse sleep wit da fishes don't fogetaboutit?
  • I was playing basketball and tore the Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) in my left knee and had to wear a cast for a month when I was in high school. Does that count?
  • Yes I broke my lower leg but after reading Darryl61`s answer and throwing up in the toilet I no longer feel the need to comment. Thanks Darryl.
  • Raced this guy down the street. Winner gets to date a beautiful girl, in our school. The race is own. I am winning, until...oooops, he sticks his foot our and trips me, making him the winner. Broke my right elbow. In a cast for many months. But, guess who came to see me and brought refreshments? Thats right, it was her. Cheaters never win.
  • One arm in a car accident. Other arm falling on ice, one leg, stupid accident and several other bones.
  • Not that I'm aware of.
  • The only bone I ever broke was my right thumb. I did it playing baseball. A wild inside pitch hit me in the hand as I was batting. I knew it was broken instantly.
  • broke my wrist, a dog was chasing me. I was terrified. Hurt my arm pretty bad then i slid down the slide at school and fell and broke it.
  • yes both arms and both legs, not all together though, the causes were roller boots and rope swings. broke both legs together getting on a bus i slipped on the steps and couldnt put my arms out as i was holding my daughter in my arms.
  • headon crash 115 miles per hour' broke everything !
  • I broke both arms at the same time. I was riding my 10 speed bicycle and went over a pile of dirt too fast, turnimg it into a 12 foot tall jump ramp. I landed the jump on the front wheel of the bike and rolled to a stop, but the impact of the landing broke both arms just above the wrists. I was in casts for 6 weeks.
  • yes i did it was run over when i was chasing my nana down the street us playing around and i fell and my arm was out and it was run over by the garbage truck it had to be amputated thats y i type so slow im typin with one hand yo
  • When I was a window washer, I slipped on a wet curb and tried to catch my balance. Failed miserably, but sent my 3' ladder into the air. It didn't come down for a good 8-10 seconds. Then it landed about 4' from me. I tried to continue working but couldn't. Seems my elbow cracked in the process.
  • When I was a kid I broke everything about ten times. I was one of those kids who loved sport, the outdoors, going exploring and grew up to be an 'adventurous' teenager. I think the first time I broke my left arm was when I was 10, falling off a flying fox at the park. Then at 12 I broke my right leg, at 12 I also broke my right arm. I broke my left collar bone when I was 14 (sport), both my arms at 15. Then I broke my right leg and arm at the same time (flew off a skateboard on a jump) when I was 17 and half my ribs and my left arm when I was 23!! An I have never broken my left leg...

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