• First, save the picture as a file on your computer. When you right-click on the picture, you should see a "Save as" option. Second, when you answer a question, click on "Upload Image," the blue box below the answer box. Click on "browse" to locate the saved file on your computer, and paste it into the answer. Voila! :o) Wave hi to Diesel. lol
  • Here goes: Under the answerbox you type your text into, there is a box saying "Upload image". Click there, and then click on the "search" button right underneath. You can then access the directory of your hard disk. You can search for an image saved of your hard disk, select it and click on it to upload. You can chack if you have been successful with the "preview Answer" button. I have just uploaded a little image of a rare book on African sculpture for you. Good luck!
  • 1) Left click once on the blue "Upload Image" button below the answer text box. 2) Left click on the gray "Browse..." button that appears. 3) Using the "File Upload" box that appears, navigate to the place on your hard drive where the picture is that you'd like to upload. 4. Left click on the desired picture's file name. Make sure it's got a jpg, gif, or png file extension and conforms to the size specified by AB, which is "...under 2MB. Images wider or taller than 1024px will be automatically resized." 5) The file name will appear in the "File name" text box. Left click on "Open" 6) The File Upload box will disappear. Left click on the "Upload" button. Ideally, this action uploads your picture into your answer. You'll probably need to repeat these steps for the upload to actually take effect, though. 7) Hit "Submit" after the upload finishes. NOTE: Like I said, you may have to re-upload several times before the picture shows up in your answer. Good luck.

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