• Just a bit of info: This has happened 4 times so far, and it's getting expensive to repair the screen. I talked to the owner twice, and got this answer "It's an outdoor cat, close your door if it bothers you that much". It's hot, I want my door open. When it does it again, is it legal for me to take it to the pound/humane society and drop it off? If not, more drastic action may have to be taken.
  • I'd catch the moggy and take it to the pound. It's on your property.
  • According to the animal control here in our area, if an animal is on your property, it is considered "feral" (no owner) and you have the right to remove it to the pound. A disgruntled cat hater here even used a cat trap with food in it to lure cats to his yard so he could take them in, and what he did was legal. I am a very strong believer in keeping cats indoors, or enclosed pens outside, always under my control.
  • Make long loops of duct tape so that the sticky side is to the outside of the loop. Stick them to the door at intervals of a foot apart. They should adhere to door and also have a sticky outer side. Cats hate to get involved with this stuff. Remove in the daytime. Hope this helps. I have a break in problem with a feral cat coming for the food and water of my cats
  • You have the right to take it to the pound because it is on your property and destroying said property. The owner will get fined when they go to get their animal and they may be liable for damages. Keep receipts for the screens.
  • Be careful with this. There are many cases where the issue delt with a cat being in someone else's yard ( for whatever reason ). The cases were always decided in favor of the cat, since it's in a cat's nature to roam. This is the major reason why most animal control officers do not impound cats unless it's obvious they are wild.

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