• well DaVinci is Smart and Einstien is Intelligent, einstein isnt vey smart, if you look at his hair
  • Einstein, for according to what I heard about the da vinci code, he probably perverted the Bible, and einstein actually achieved without perverting.
  • Einstein stole virtually everything he's supposed to have discovered! So that leaves DaVinci!
  • Hmm, quite the interesting question. My vote is for DaVinci, since he had his hands in all sorts of things - Physics, Art, Geometry, Aeronatuics, etc. etc., not to mention some of the strapping young men of the village. :o)
  • i'd say da vinci. einstein specialized mainly in physics and math. davinci not only had his inventions but obviously in art and anatomy as well. he contributed to more areas so i would pick him
  • i'd go with da vinci too.he had his fingers in more pies than einstien.he invented loads of stuff.the scissors being just one.
  • I believe it is Da Vinci because his accomplishments were all over the human experience and not just in one subject. Einstein was a genius in physics only.
  • Da Vinci was, I believe, a better thinker than Einstein. He was a Renaissance man in every sense of the word. This doesn't diminish Einstein's accomplishments, for he was truly a genius, but I think da Vinci beats him out on this one.

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