• Macs are not known for gaming.
  • Hmm, perhaps I can help you out. Macs were not know for gaming for a long time, they are starting to come around with a lot of the games that come out for pc aslo coming out for mac. Problem is that you usually need to order them online, which can be done from the apple site. As for elder scrolls, they said that they never plan on making a mac version. I know, because I looked for it as well. I played it on the 360. With the newer intel macs, you can buy windows and install it on your mac along with your own macs operating system and then just pick at the startup menu windows and load your game on then get to playing.
  • Hi - No, there is no Mac native version of Oblivion. However, you can now run Windows on a newer Mac provided it has an Intel processor. Any Mac built in the last two years will have one. You can choose to boot into either Windows or OS X at startup and you can run games in Windows just like you would on a regular PC. Hope that helps.
  • lol no that would be illegal even if one existed also emulators are technally illegal unless you are running games that you own on them
  • You can use bootcamp(it is able to buy at mac store) or you could try to download "oblivion Cider" at insanelymac( just google oblivion cider and click into the first link)
  • just use Vmware Fusion install windows to the Virtual Hdd you just made and install the game
  • macs are able to do any thing but play games

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