• since i'm never for the death penalty i'd say no but castration for any rapist...and the various methods...that's a different story
  • Only if they put him in a pit half buried, they put a scum bag over his head and all the affected people get to hurl as many stones as they want to at him. Screw the humane treatment for a monster like this. I say lets get Biblical on him.
  • Sounds good. I doubt if someone like that can be cured or reformed.
  • I think it could easily be argued that it's cruel/unusual. Are we including statutory here? Becuase a 13 year old that has a 12 year old boyfriend/girlfriend certainly doesn't deserve to die if the two are just experimenting.
    • Linda Joy
      Their parents need to teach them that they don't need to 'experiment' with things that lead to ADULT PROBLEMS! Like STD's and pregnancy. This is an adult act that shouldn't be 'experimented' with until they are adults!! Its illegal and can lead to death!! And lethal injection has already been determined legal in court! Educate your children!
  • I do but do you know if anyone has actually been put to death?
    • Linda Joy
  • Honestly, as much as I hate pedophiles, I could go either way on this issue. I don't think violence and punishment are really a good answer to previous acts of violence. Proper, effective rehabilitation seems, to me, to be more effective and to have a better impact on society. However, the rate of recidivism for pedophiles is extremely high, so the possibility that they will be properly rehabilitated is sort of questionable. I think in some cases it's better to eliminate these people from society altogether than it is for us to spend time and money holding them in prison or rehabilitation. It really depends on how you view pedophilia. Is it a mental disease? Is it a question of morality? We can label these people as "sick," but in what sense? Are they actually suffering from some mental abnormality that causes them to act this way? Or are they morally depraved in some way and are fully aware of their urges and actions being wrong? This is why laws and bureaucracy, in my opinion, are ineffective. They create general guidelines for "punishing" certain behaviors and do not take into account individual instances and specific occurrences. Absolutism, in my opinion, rarely ever works as a philosophy, because there are always exceptions to rules and guidelines. We need to analyze each case individually and make judgment based on each context.
    • Linda Joy
      That's what they do in court! By a jury of their peers. Actually chemical castration reduces the recidivism. But this is a very old question.
    • mugwort
      I knew of a case where a man when he was 12 used to rub girls legs without their permission. He was successfully treated in a mental hosopital and permanately stopped this deviant behavior,
  • FOR THE SAKE OF DISCUSSION (i shudder in fear) many men in the state of illinois have been wrongly convicted, and spent many years on death row
    • Linda Joy
      But now they have DNA and most likely will not convict nowadays without it.
  • Yes, it is just. I think more states should adopt this. Hurting a child in anyway is a repulsive act that should have the most severe punishment.
  • I think it could be a just punishment if convicted mutiple times... I wish they would make this punishment more well known.
  • I think the victims families should be left alone with him/her for 30 minutes. Justice will be served then.
    • Linda Joy
      That's not justice, its revenge.
  • Yes! I think that the victims parents should be the ones to put him to death, though, through whatever means they choose.
  • Of course it's just! A sick fuck like that does not deserve to breath anyways.
  • Any person who can do that to a child does NOT deserve a quick and easy death. Screw lethal injection and all that BS. Hand them over to the families of the children they have destroyed and let them have their way!
  • I agree~ I would like to see the age lifted from 12 to 18 though.
  • I think most parents would agree with me. If that happened to our child then the tax payers wouldn't have to pay for keeping this sicko on death row for 15 to 20 years before he got what he deserved. We would take care of the punishment ourselves.
  • Provided the justice system was fair with factual evidence I think this would be okay. Over time, sexual crimes involving a minor may decrease. :)
  • Absolutely..but first he/she should be raped! :(
  • If your sick enough to rape a 12 year old then yes, you do deserve to die.
  • Any person convicted of rape, whether it is to an adult or child should be severely punished, so yes i agree.
  • no i reckon they should be tortured first anyone who can rape never mind rape under 12 year olds should suffer to there last breath no means no and a child is even worse its sick and deserves to be punished by death :0)
  • No. On their first conviction, they should recieve life in prison. If they somehow manage to find a parole board willing to let them out, a second offense, or any other blatant evidence that they still pose a threat to children, should result in either death or indefinite solitary confinement. I don't believe in death for the sake of punishment, especially considering how many false convictions can and do occur as a result of the imperfect legal sysem, but once it's well established that the person is a chronic rapist/child molestor, and not just someone who was convicted of the crime... At that point, it becomes more a matter of disposal.
  • Sounds fair to me.
  • I am of the opinion that ANY crime commited against a child... especially by an adult.. should be punishable by the fullest extent of the law! So if that is death... so be it.
  • As a rule I don't think the state should be in the business of killing civilians.
    • Linda Joy
      So you think the federal government should handle this job?
  • It's harsh and as long as they can be sure they did it, maybe. If it was for someone under 9-10, yes.
  • i guess it is better than a frontal lobotomy.
  • It sounds fair to me.
  • I think it's more then just. It should be the standard. These perpertrators are not human. They are not animals. They are evil in human form and deserve no mercy.
  • I think that anyone who rapes a child deserves the worst fate possible. Lethal injection is too good for them.
  • yes i do, i live in england where our peadophiles do not get just punishment on too many occassions and most them end up living right near little children again, so have the opportunity to reoffended. I wish we as a country were bold enough to serve up a punishment like the one you mentioned.
  • Yes I do, as long as it's proven beyond a shadow of a doubt. Too many people have served too many years for a crime they didn't commit, and I imagine there have been innocents executed. In this day of DNA testing and such, it is a lot easier to prove someone committed a crime such as rape so if they were found guilty, they should suffer whatever consequences the law deems fit. Too many sexual predators have been "slapped on the wrist' or pronounced rehabilitated only to rape and too often murder another child. Children are innocent and helpless, protecting them should come before making sure that the offender is not subjected to "cruel and unusual punishment". How cruel is it to rape and murder anyone, ESPECIALLY a child?
  • The death penalty is a good punishment. The problem is you let people decide if they should be killed or not. You need a solid set of rules that the convicted criminal needs to meet in order to meet the death penalty. For instance the peds in Louisiana should have some proof that is indisputable. I mean video, pictures, seeman, something that absolutely ties that person to the crime. Other wise I say no.
  • A very subjective question, this is; one with no right or wrong answer, just opinions. Personally I do not think that anyone should be put to death for a crime. Now that I think of it, wouldn't any sexual intercourse with a "child" be considered rape? As they are unable to consent. In my opinion, someone who breaks the social contract deserves to have his/her protection revoked; what happens after that is for those who belong to that world to decide.
  • simply one bullet behind the ear, death!!!
  • I used to be a corrections officer in a state penitentiary, I can attest to this, if you did that the nation wouldn't have its problems of full jail cells it does now. About 50% of the convicts in the prison I worked at were sexual offenders of one flavor or another. The ones who messed with kids to me (and many others too) are the worst sort. We had a guy who cooked a kid in the microwave, and another who targeted kids 2 years and younger. People who think like that cannot be helped by counseling or prison stays. Those kids have to live with that the rest of their lives and never will understand why it was done to them. A slow death is too good for what they do to innocent kids. Their innocence will never be regained. I have NO sympathy for those guys. A public stoning would be too kind in my book.
  • rape a child kills the child..not the human..but the child, the innocence was killed..Just kill and you be killed! :)
  • Yes, it is.
  • What about the 13 year old?
  • it is a start pedophiles suffer from an incurable form of mental illness. Why put more children at risk by having them serve time and setting them free: kill em. Edit: we need to find a cure for pedophiles. killing is too harsh.
  • Works for me. Prefer something more painful though.
  • Either that or castration without anesthesia.
  • Regardless of how heinous the crime, I'm not an advocate of state-sanctioned murder.
  • i live in the city that is responsible for the AMBER in arlington, TX.....all of you parents can sleep soundly at night, knowing that we have this law now, signed by bill clinton back in 1996......i think that any sexual crime against a child should equal the death in peace, Amber Hagerman.........Brian......
  • It's an extremely difficult one to answer. of course people who commit such crimes should be severly punished, but in my opinion killing another human being for any crime is even worse than that of the criminal. Authorities don't seem to realise that authorizing another person the be put to death is plainly and simply not the answer.
  • Maybe not enough, but just.
  • every one who is created by God, which is all creation, have the right to conform to christianity, repent for their sins, and seek the opportunity to get rehabilitation and medical attention. No matter what sins man had doe, God offers his love, mercy and forgiveness for those who are convicted, changed and reformed from wicked to righteous. People can feel soory for their wrongs and change from evil to good, if Jesus deleivers them from their sins. so, the answer is yes. God shows mercy, so why can the law?
    • Linda Joy
      God cannot rob justice. If He did He would cease to be God. God offers mercy to those who repent, but they still have to suffer the earthly consequences of their sinful actions, which is part of the process of repentance. They have to make restitution, which is also part of the process of repentance. How do you make restitution to a child for robbing them of their childhood? Repentance is not an eraser. And forgiveness isn't saying what they did is o.k. It just means you will not allow them to continue to hurt you in your future.
    • mugwort
      Courtney. Not everyone is a Christian. The world is full of different faiths, Hindus, Jains, Judaism, Buddhists, Moslems, Sikhs, Shinto, and other religions besides Christianity.
    • Linda Joy
      But its perfectly acceptable for each of us to express our points of view from any standpoint, whether we agree or not.
  • I think 15 minutes in a locked, windowless room with the victims closest family members and the weapons lineup from "Clue" would be a more just punishment.
  • No kill him twice
    • Linda Joy
  • i think so but i think death is too easy, he should sit in jail forever instead
  • Yup, that is a fair penalty for raping children.
  • Yes. If he's innocent he will go to heaven. If he's guilty well, then it is better a millstone be hanged about his neck and drown in the sea... Or so the bible says.
  • I am not a supporter of the death penalty, but I think that if we are to have it, it should be used rarely and for the most heinous crimes that result in someone's death. The rape of a child is pretty heinous, but unless the victim died, no, I don't think the death penalty should be imposed.
  • In the Bible if a woman (any female over 12.5 years old) is raped he required to marry the woman with out divorce for his entire life. If her father refuses for the rapist to marry the daughter he must pay the bride price (about $160,000 in today's dollars). At that time marriage to a female of 12.5 years was the normal age of marriage. When an official betrothal has taken place the groom could consummate the betrothal when the girl had reached the age of 3 years and 1 day although the actual marriage would not be accomplished until the girl was between the age of 9 to 12 years.
    • Linda Joy
      But today women are not property (slaves or livestock) to be transferred without their will or say in the matter. Today human trafficking is illegal and a woman costs much more than $160,000! In fact pedophilia could easily cost you your life in prison. Or out of prison for that matter! You know in your heart its wrong for you to force your will on another person. Of course pedophiles have a sick way of messing up a child's love map before its had a chance to form normally and convincing the victim this perversion is love. Pedophiles will get exactly what they deserve and I don't even have to raise a hand to make it happen or spend one more second of my life worrying about it! I leave it in God's hands, flush my mind of all you perverts and claim the happiness I deserve for the rest of my life. None of you will spend one more second hurting me in my present.
    • Linda Joy
      By the way you know full well the words you spewed on this page you read in pedophile propaganda and are nowhere in The Bible. If they were you would have provided the address. Of course I'm sure just like Satan himself you can find a scripture that was chosen to pervert to spread this propaganda. Of course some may argue The Bible Itself is propaganda... to each their own. But I think we all know right from wrong.
    • Thinker
      When "Christians" are steeped in Gnosticism they generally do not know the truth of the Bible. As for raping a girl the information in the Bible is found in Exodus 22:16-17 and Deuteronomy 22:28-29. The information for early marriage is found here:

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