• It really depends. Some days I may average 500-600 points, others maybe 200.
  • When I was still flagging heavily, I earned around 1,000 to 1,500 points a day. But now, I just earn around 500 points, so it would take me two days to earn 1,000 points. For those who spend only two hours a day here, I guess it would take them four days to earn 1,000 points. It really depends on the time spent by a user here.
  • i guess around a week?
  • When I got points for flagging things, it was easy for me to get that in a day and even twice that. But just asking and answering, it takes me anywhere from 1-2 days to do that now. It really depends on how many hours you are here, not days, though.
  • About a week maybe? I'm not sure.
  • Around 4 days if I have a busy week at work.
  • According to my scientific calculations, it takes me approximately 3.3361134279 days to earn 1000 points.
  • It depends how busy we are at work...and how busy I am on the weekends. On average, I'd say about 3 days.
  • It actually depends. Once I think Our Galeanda got nearly 8000 points within a day. It may take a minute(mod points) or even a full day.
  • Depends on how active people are.May be 6 days or a week:)
  • 1) I have been exactly one year on Answerbag and I earned 46856 points. This makes about 46856/366 = 128 pts/day So I needed about 7.8 days to earn 1000 points, on the average for my whole Answerbag activity. 2) For one year, it was more difficult to get points because there were far less users with the Sage title or higher. This week, those are my results on the last week most points leaderboard: "Rank Change Member Badge & Title Points Last Week" "119 -60 iwnit 64 Maestro 1159 1745" So I would say at the moment I need between about 4 and 6 days to earn 1000 points. (So maybe 5 in average)
  • 2 days.
  • about 5 days
  • At the rate I have been gaining points, maybe 30 hours. Yesterday I had over 750, and today I already have 230, and I have not even really begun to AB yet today!

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