• I had to spend three days in ISS (In School Suspension) with the dregs of society. It sucked. Some retarded girl kept flashing me her boobs. And when I say retarded, I mean seriously mentally challenged, not stupid. It was nasty. She did it about 10 times in one day. Every time I raised my hand to tell the coach watching us, he told me to put down my damned hand.
  • Some guy was making fun of me in 8th grade, I stood up for myself and told him off; the teacher then forced me to put liquid soap in my mouth for saying "____ if your brains were in your dick you'd have none" Did the punishment fit the crime?
  • In seventh grade I went to school with green hair all in braids. When i got to school the principal made me rinse it out but it just made my face and neck turn green instead! I had to walk around school looking like a smurf gone bad until two classes later my art teacher graciously faked a write up and let me spend the rest of the day in isolation. That was the worst unintentional punishment i ever got at school!
  • I had a teacher who used to make us write out pages of the bible and the dictionary as punishment. Doesn't sound that bad until you remember how small the writing in there is and just how many words are on one little page of either book.
  • I hate to admit it, but I was never really punished in school other than once I was kissing several boys in 2nd grade on a field trip so I had to sit in front behind the driver. But that's as bad as I got.
  • I had a three-day in-school suspension (they called it "In-School Adjustment") where I was stuck in a room with a bunch of psychos and morons. I won't get into what got me sent there, I'll just say it was something pretty abominably stupid.

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