• Narnia was written by C.S Lewis a very religious man. And hence Narnia Chronicles is loaded with Christian sub-text (no judgement here just a statement). Lewis set out from the beginning to re-tell the Christian tale and Aslan, is the Christ-like figure. He originally wrote the books in part to evangelize readers.
  • Ohh yea....greaat story with too good characters.
  • rocking place....i wish it exisisted in reality ...i would surely live for fo rthe rest of my life..lolzz
  • YES! fantastic books [although not a child any more still read them at least once a year usually around christmas no idea why ha ha] and WISH i could live there and WHY haven't they made a film about the FIRST book in the series "THE MAGICIAN'S NEPHEW"?????????? Would love to see visually Narnia coming into creation theres only so much your imagination can do sigh!

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