• Kind of makes you think that they should just remake the rest of them.........
  • I'd have him watch them in the order they were made.
  • I'd like to be able to watch them in chronological order, for the first time, hypothetically, and see what it would be like. I think it would make a big difference to how the characters and storyline are perceived, rather than having seen them in the order they were released. I'd tell him to watch them from episodes 1 through 6, then tell me what he thinks. The biggest difference would be in Empire Strikes Back, the line 'No, I am your father' wouldn't be a surprise, but watching it in 1983 was the biggest cinematic reveal in history.
  • Definitely the order they came out in...otherwise you lose all the dramatic effect "Luke, I am your father"
  • Originals first. The second series complements the first, and you see the homage to the originals in the second series.
  • definately the chronichleage order so its not so confusingfor your buddy.
  • Great question. I am in that situation. My answer is the order they came out.
  • They have to be seen in the order that they were created and released. If you see them in order, then you don't have any reference points for so much of the drama and stories. Without the "setup", so much is lost.
  • I recommend they watch them all in chronological order or not at all.
  • It would be better to watch the 3 original one's (IV,V,VI) then to I II III...just because that was the way they all came out...i still watch them in this order and it makes it more interesting
  • Watch them in chronological order, it'll be good to know what will happen than what cause it to be ended like that in Episode 6 The Return of The Jedi.
  • i watched them in chronilogical order. it was easier to understand, but i heard it's more fun if you watch them in the order they came out
  • Watch them in the order they were released. If I was to watch the newer movies, I would be too disappointed to want to watch the entire series.
  • I say watch them they way they came out. Half the fun is discovering who darth vader is and not know about the emporer until you watch episode 3 at the end.
  • The order they came out in.
  • Came in.
  • came out in... but I would like to know how someone would find the meaning of the storyline from 1-6 in order of books...but then I would watch them again in the other sequence to see what I missed.
  • You definetely want to watch them in the order they came out due to if you watch them in chronological order there isn't that mystery of how did darth vader get to the dark side what pushed him? What were the clone wars? What happenedd o luke and leias mom? And the questions go on. Watching them in the order they came out leaves the mystery there of all the unanswered questions so you anxiously look forward watching the newer ones to answer the questions.
  • Has to be the order in which they came out, otherwise so much in the newer ones doesn't make sense.
  • I'll chime in, and upon very careful consideration, I'd advise you to watch them in the order they came out in. In addition to Galeanda's points about points of reference recurring in a certain order, I MUST point out that part of the phenomenon of Star Wars is the particular impact it had on its place in time. When Star Wars came out in 1977 no one had EVER seen anything like that--that level of special effects woven so seamlessly with a realistic (?) story and believable universe. Like it or not, it changed movie-making forever. And Lucas has been making similar SFX break-throughs all along--pretty much leading the way. The only SFX/epic world achievement to reach that level independent of Industrial Light & Magic is Peter Jackson/WETA/The Lord of the Rings series. That, too, changed the way movies got made and fleshed out.
  • Definitely the order they came out. That way you can spare your buddy a few hours before he sees the awfulness that is Jar Jar Binks.

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