• None of us own the air we breathe...
  • It depends on the location. Our city has changed the law recently that requires current homeowners rights of view. In the Puget Sound, views make or brake the value of a home. When you purchase a house, an expectation has been set. If I purchased a home for X amount with the expectation of a certain view, then part of the value of the home was the view.
  • We are all stewards of the land, the water and the air. It is not for one to tell another that he cannot look at it.
  • When you purchase a piece of real estate you also acquire the rights associated with quiet enjoyment of the property. These rights may include riparian, littoral, mineral, oil, air, water, and other named rights. Each of these rights may be restricted, reserved, leased, or sold. If you want an unobstructed view of a river or lake, you had better own the shoreline, otherwise someone might erect a billboard, windmill, oil well, etc. to obstruct your view.

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