• Cornbread and the secret ingredient is using three eggs instead of two and always use buttermilk. :)
  • I make great omelettes. I use whatever vegetables I have in the house, and my secret ingredient is going to stay a secret. Ok just kidding... usually my secret ingredients for an omelette are: Ginger Dijon Mustard Olive Oil If you tell anyone, you'll pay.
  • Ever heard of cornflakes cereal? Except with a touch of sugar with sliced bananas and blueberries? And we can't forget the milk! (key ingredient for a most superb taste!)
  • Hot chocolate.Always use chocolate milk.Put the powder on top of the milk.Microwave for exactly 1 min. 47 sec.Add warmed caramel ans stir until chuncks are liquified.Shhh!My family doesn't know how I do it but they praise my work.
  • Davo's Juevos (my real name is Dave) - a breakfast omelette I make that contains numerous ingredients. A special blend of ground New Mexican chili peppers and "Victoria" Taco Sauce on the side make the dish. It's better than sex !! j/k. But.... top the dish off with my "Meal in a Glass" Bloody Mary, and it is as close to genius sex as one will ever get - at least according to friends. LOL !!
  • I make jello salads with pineapple juice instead of water. Gives it extra taste.
  • Baked ham. Pineapple juice. Potato salad. Garlic powder. Spaghetti sauce. Brown sugar. Those are the only 3 things I'm sharing. :D
  • Lobster stuffed steak, grilled shrimp, cheeseburgers on onion rolls, Lemon garlic chicken, three meat stew. My secret ingredient is my love of cooking and passion for blowing people away with flavor.
  • I think it would have to be sponge cakes and no magic ingredient.Just plenty of elbow grease to mix it.
  • chilli >if i told you the secret ingredient it wouldn't be a secret
  • Tomato Sauce. Lots of garlic and salt. =)
  • frozen burger patties. Secret is not cleaning the foreman grill.
  • I'm no cook, but I do make some awesome chilli! But if you think I'm going to tell everyone my secret ingredient, you've lost your mind! Heh!
  • I love making a dish I created, its honey cilantro chicken (Thats half the secret) and I make a mean marinara sauce, key is fresh! fresh! fresh! herbs (thai basil and oregano) and eggs benedict, bacon instead of ham! I love to cook!
  • Sesame chicken is one of my best. The sauce is great.
  • my fave breakfast i cook is home made cinna buns, the secret is a little maple syrup i add to the pecans over night.
  • I have a secret CHILI recipe that everyone loves ... Even won a contest in Ohio,years ago in a chili cook off ... I will not tell all three of the secret ingredients .. but one is I cut up a whole Bell Pepper into it ....
  • Fettuccine Alfredo and my secret is Cayenne pepper.

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