• Oh gosh it's been a long time
  • As much as I like to bitch, my life is pretty freaking easy.
  • About two or three years ago, for a short while.
  • No, I really don't :(
  • It's pretty easy right now. I'm retired and going back to work because I'm bored. Also . . . I need more money. I will always need more money!!!:)
  • Well, I don't think life is suppose to be 'easy.' However, if I think to remember some of my developmental and hard-won lessons, even the silly ones which weren't silly at the time (think learning to tie shoes!), I can truthfully enjoy more of how much of the day actually IS 'effortless.' In my view, I believe we all tend to forget just how far we've come in so many ways. Personally, I don't need to balance my view or enjoyment of life with just the tough stuff! (Its always effortless to watch the clouds roll by.) Certainly, even if we 'go back' to a time, say ... when we were younger ... we'd tend to think of those times as 'easy.' But tell that to a child learning everything from the first time that child had to learn to 'go potty' to learning more than just the first three letters of the alphabet! Yet, at the same time, if we were to review these very same children, there were MOMENTS during their long days that were truly 'care free.' Consequently, I believe it is so with all of us. No matter what our age. Even if for only one self-aware, brief moment today, undoubtedly at some point today, something that I do or accomplish will 'come easy!' These are most likely easily forgetting learning tasks that, in the beginning, were far more than 'just' challenging. That self-aware 'easy' moment might mean watching my learned-ability of getting dressed by myself. Or eating. It might mean taking the time to enjoy the ability to cook dinner, drive a car or even dialing the phone to reach a friend! It may mean taking the time, knowing I know how NOW to do something easier than before. Truth is, there are many people of all ages out there who would find 'that simple task' of getting dressed by themselves or feeding themselves as far from easy. Maybe we're splitting hairs here? Does the question ask in an oblique way to question and answer by ourselves how much we are grateful for what 'is' just for the taking ... an attitudinal choice for pleasant looking/feeling?' I remember many things that I perceived as way difficult. Like 'choosing battles' maybe the answer is to view each of our accomplishments by acknowledging even the very simplest of them! I seem to feel, all at the same time, energized and peaceful with this simple, balancing knowledge.
  • what the hell is easy? don't know the word.
  • When I was a little squirt.
  • OMG YES! I so want those days back!
  • Yea,but it was still wrong.
  • Compared to what? Compared to a rich heir to some hotel fortune, my life blows, compared to any soldier sweating in the desert getting shot at by fundamentalist wackos, I'm livin pretty trouble free
  • it aint easy being cheezy! but life is as easy as YOU make it. most stress is self induced, so just say "clown shoes" and move on in this coma called life.
  • Im currently living that life. Lol
  • Yes, but then I woke up.
  • Yes playing with tonka trucks at the age of 5,6 or7 and then again at 11 to 15... then I started working and then went to college and then work again.
  • yes when i was first married had my first child and my dad and mother in law were still alive..
  • no, its never been easy
  • You seem to be working with the premise that life is a daily struggle for all. Are you young enough or old enough that you have decided to be a life-long pessimist? It's a big club.
  • other than physical pain my life is pretty easy right now.
  • My life is usually easy peasy with no lemon squeezy to ruin my day(s). :)

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