• well... boys do not read in between the lines like us females do. when he asked if he could stay in contact and you said no.. he followed through. he wasnt thinking 'she said no, so she means yes', he took 'no' for 'no'. frankly, he was only doing what you asked him to do. if you wanna talk to him, the ball is in your court. you may make the first move and talk to him.. but be prepared that he might not want to stay in contact either.. so really, its up to you if you want to take that risk. and also, be aware that you may be sending out mixed signals if you two do want to stay in contact. if he is not over the relationship, he might see this as a way back in, so you have to be clear that it is only a friendship that you want.. and if things are still raw for him, he might not be able to handle that or he could have moved on and no longer wants contact. either way, it is up to you to make the first move. and be prepared for whatever happens.. good luck
  • yeah i think boys do feel the same way. I'm a guy and that's exactly how i feel about the girl i broke up with, i really want to talk to her and hear her laugh, but I think i have to let it go slowly. i feel pretty crappy about the breakup.
  • Yep, it's pretty common with guys too but I think that the decision to break up is usually the right thing to do.. After the break up you think about all the good times and forget about the reasons you broke up. Sometimes I also think we miss being with someone but we don't really miss THAT person. If you do ever seriously consider getting back together don't do it for several months (maybe even 6 months or more). Then you can look at the relationship like it is different but even then, it is usually the same old sh*t.

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