• Being physically inferior to men.
    • Beaker Five-O
      I am physically inferior to most men I know.
    • Victorine
      "Inferior"? I wouldn't call being less physically strong "inferiority". And women have advantages men do not. They can gestate a child and give birth; they have higher pain thresholds; studies have shown time and again that they are much better able to "read" other people, to pick up on social cues, facial expressions, tones of voice, and figure out the right thing to do in a given situation. And really: how often do you NEED to be as physically strong as a man? I never do. In fact, most men I know don't need much in the way of physical strength either. They spend most of their time behind a desk, just like most women I know.
  • The way men treat you. Really! It's Worse than 9 months of pregnancy, 24 hours of labor and delivery, only to have your child scream "I hate you! " in a public parking lot, all the mammograms and pap smears, biopsies and bleeding almost a week every month for 40 years combined!
  • Don't see anything wrong with being a woman these days. In fact you have quite a few men going transgender just to see what it's about.
    • Victorine
      That's not the reason men "go transgender".
    • Chicagoan
      This place never runs short of stupid comments, does it V? Republicans give us something, at least... scores of stupid comments.
  • getting periods
  • I would think that being right all the time and knowing men can read your minds would be such a pain in the ass.
  • In my opinion, periods are the worst, although sexism is also a contender.
  • Sexism and unwanted sexual assaults from men who are bigger and stronger. And know they can get away with it!
    • Linda Joy
      not if you're armed!
    • lavender
      Gah, I didn't even consider that, Cin. I agree.
  • I have never been anything else, so I don't quite know for sure. I will say that bearing children was no picnic. If it were up to men to give birth, I think we would have far less of them.
  • All the gynecological/reproductive organ issues. They don't stop when you hit menopause either.
  • Menstruation is the most annoying thing ever!
  • Finding a comfortable sitting position when wearing a skirt
  • our monthly!
  • nothing,i love being a female and dont get jealous of males no feminist!!!!!
  • The neverending struggle for control between the reason and the emotions....with the emotions usually winning.
  • MENstrual cycle MENopause
  • Calling a man to lift and move heavy items. 😄

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