• because misery loves company...
  • because your biological clock will start ticking. You may never change your mind, but alot of people do. and most people assume they are always right. others words can have an influence on your decision, but not always
  • Maybe it's because they, themselves, felt exactly the same way when they were younger then changed their minds. I know I did.
  • We don't all assume that you will change your mind...but most of us have been around long enough to know that some of our own equally strong convictions about things just didn't hold true it the end. Each day is different..It is impossible to decide tomorrow from what you see today.
  • I'm not one of those people. Someone under 21 is very young. I'm sure their priorities and dreams will change as they age. Can someone's words seriously affect their decision? Sometimes, yeah! It could be a family member, a friend, sometimes a complete stranger!
  • I don't know about words but, maturity certainly will along with realizing that life is not a infinite deal. Also a spouse has a great deal to do with it as well, and usually by 30 most people have a better half or spouse.
  • People are always assuming things in which they have no right to say anything. I am sure that if they hit the Lotto they will change their minds if they can still have children, if not and prefer to be very rich and childless it is up to them, I would not say a word. I don't think someones words would make them change their minds unless they have other personal reasons for it. Regards.
  • In my experience saying never is like tempting God and fate of which is "his" domain. It often increases the likelihood of the event occurring but not in a good way.. for example the day may come in which they want kids but can no longer have them. Also reminds me of the captain of the Titanic boasting that it could never go under and not even God could sink his ship. The rest is history.
  • Hormonal changes.
  • 30 yrs old is really different from 20's.... you become more older and its close to no one will know what is going to happen in their life... people change their minds over time... when 21 decide not having children don't listen to them.... they don't what they are talking about...
  • When you get older you dont always think, and feel the same way as you do when your younger, things change when getting older, so do people.

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