• Well, I'm not married, but... I'd want to know why he wasn't sharing them with me. Heh.
  • Unsurprised. I know he USED to have a cardboard box that was legendary among anyone who had been his roommate. He got rid of it about seven years or so ago. He says he isn't into porn anymore... but if I found something here or there, I wouldn't be terribly shocked.
  • It wouldn't bother me... It likely wouldn't be hidden. We're very open with each other. I know some women feel use of pornographic material is comparable to "cheating." (As is flirting, etc.) I've never felt that way. I think when you're completely honest with each other you're closer, and the chances of someone going astray are far slimmer.
  • it would be funny because we are so honest and open with each other. if he had hidden them and i found them, i would wonder when he would view them because we are always with each other.
  • Well, a bit disgusted though I know there's nothing wrong with that.
  • My soon-to-be-ex used to have them around all the time and at that time, it did bother me alot. It still bothers me but only because we have a child together (who is young)and I don't want our child to find them. Plus, in some ways, it makes me feel that after he's looked at the magazine's and/or video and then we have sex that he is thinking of those women he just looked at. If your going to look at them, don't expect your partner (if she's not into those things) to happily want to have sex with you or happily be ok with it. But don't hide it either because then it would make her feel even more insecure and have more doubts about you and sex, etc...
  • I think that I would be upset. I dont know how to explain it well but for me porn is not only a filthy habbit but also bad for the relationship.
  • I would kindly ask him to get rid of them or I would get rid of him :)
  • As long as he did not try to force me to watch them it would be up to him what he read and watched.
  • If it happened to us as a married couple, I would not mind it at all as long as he did not want me to share his "material" with him. It is also true we have been married for 41 years and I have never seen or suspected of such a thing, we are always together there is no time for porn stuff. Regards.
  • i would probably laugh at first. and then make fun of him. and then talk to him about it. and make fun of him some more.
  • i'd probably just feel betrayed that he didn't tell me...
  • redacted
  • I would stand in front of the mirror and ask my self why would he have to hide them?... am I the reason why he did this?, because if you have an open and honest relationship ...then neither partner has to hide anything
  • I think I would laugh like crazy and ask to borrow some. I'm not kidding.
  • I'd be fine with it. Sexual needs are totally natural! Sometimes I don't want to hey, Easier for me!
  • I would wonder why he is hiding them, and why isnt he sharing.
  • I'd be PISSED! For ONE....why isn't he sharing with me. TWO...what makes him think he can hide things and me not find it.
  • I would confront him and ask why he felt he had to hide this in the first place. Then it would either be counseling or I'm done. I'd feel humiliated and couldn't trust him for keeping something like that from me in the first place like it's his "Secret Garden" or something that he can wallow in all by himself. When trust is gone, sex is gone, everything is gone.
  • He does, and I just tell him to make sure the kids can't find them, please.
  • The magazines got tossed after being in boxes for years. We still have the movies. ;-)
  • Who needs magazines or film?'s called the internet....although they haven't developed the scratch and sniff technology for that yet:)
  • I'd just laugh and make fun. Besides, that's old news.... haha ;)
  • If I was married to my boyfriend, and he felt the need to hide a stack of adult films and dirty magazines from me, that would tell me that there is something wrong with our marriage. I would probably talk to him about it and ask him what's missing from our relationship. I don't think I would judge him, though. I love him and I'm sure that if we were married, I would want to please him as much as possible. If he felt the need to fulfill his sexual needs elsewhere, then there must be something I'm not giving him that he needs.
  • I would confront his butt, ask him what the H..l is all this trash, and then I would trash it all.
  • Totally shafted!! I wanna see too, don't be a stingy ass!
  • I be really shocked. My husband is not into all that stuff.

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