• sometimes i dont feel like using a cell phone, so, i always hag the phone line cause i wanted to have lesser payments
  • yes I do. especialy in the car. I work in a deli and you'r very busy, taking order's Then you have some jerk tell you to wait until he/she finishes with there call. I go to the next in line. ya want to see someone get off the phone real fast that work's. Then they want waited on NOW! I just tell them I sorry I did'nt want to be inconsiderate to disturbe there inportant call then I yell NEXT! That really piss's them Off.
  • if there not harming any 1 let them talk im with jsmb tho i worked in a fast food resturant and trying to serve them while on the phone is impossable!
  • It annoys me a little, too. It's like "I'm so important, that I can't go anywhere without being in constant communication." Makes you wonder how people got along 40 years ago without cell phones and answering machines. I don't have many "gadgets" and I still have a rotary phone in my house. If someone has to reach me, they will just have to keep trying.
  • It does annoy me. People are way too dependent on them now. Especially while driving.
  • I have one, and do use it. But I only use it when I NEED to. I do not use it in a checkout line, a service line, at meals, or if I am driving. I also do not take it into the bathroom with me or into a doctor's office. If I am in a restaurant, it is off, unless I am calling to see where someone is that should be there. I think that good phone etiquette should be a mandatory class in school.
  • It wouldn't be a big deal if people would just use common sense and be polite. Rude is all too common these days and the lack of common sense is stunning when you see people doing the old yak-n-drive. It really bothers me too. I don't want to hear about your date or your kids problems while I am in line at the grocery store. I also don't want to see you in my rear view mirror having to swerve to miss my back bumper because you were too busy talking to notice that traffic was slowing down. Grrrr.
  • The only time it bothers me is when I see people driving and talking on them. I read this study that indicates that talking on a cell phone while driving is as dangerous, if not more, than driving while intoxicated, I actually knew someone who was killed in an accident with a cell phone involved :( In many states it's against the law for minors to talk on cell phones while driving, but it should be illegal for everyone. I mean, is it legal for adults to drive drunk? Other than that I'm not bothered.
  • My question is, what exactly is it that needs to be said right then and there? How did we exist for so long with only landlines when there's obviously so much to say? It falls under the category "just because you can doesn't mean you should." There's a time and place for speaking on the phone and it's not in the movie theater, concert hall, restaurant table, grocery store aisle, bank line, driver's seat, check-out counter...
  • Absolutely not. I detest cell phones and everything they have transformed our society into. We are way too spoiled by conveniences and toys that bring us instant gratification, and cell phones is only the tip of the iceberg. Remember in the 80's when cell phones (or car phones) were associated with coke-sniffing yuppie jerk offs that thought they were better than everyone? Well, cell phones gave all of us a way to feel as important or as successful as that group. Now, it's just a convenience that we take for granted. I personally hate the idea that I am constantly available or on-call to my friends and family, I'm a person that like to just be left alone most of the time. I only have a cell phone because my car broke down a couple of years ago, and luckily my dad was nearby to help me out at the time. He insisted I get a cell in case it ever happened again. I usually leave it turned off though, I hate the feeling of being on a leash.
  • Absolutely not, I also detest them and only use them in extreme emergencies. Regards.
  • No, you are not alone! I think they are a ridiculous 'accessory' that seem to be regarded as necessity. While waiting for a local store to open, to attend toddler storytime, I noticed that while I was in my car, the other mothers in the parking lot were all on cell phones. Here I was, enjoying a delightful conversation and a song or two with a three year old. There they were, shushing their children, and talking on their phones. Sorry, but I think that says an awful lot about what matters to many people these days. I know some people are required to have them for their jobs, but I don't think I want a job like that.
  • Well you and I think alike. I only use my cell phone for very important things. I have close friends now that dont have my cell phone number. I can chit-chat at home. Not in the car or in a store.
  • No you are not alone. I don't even think they are a necessity for emergencies. People got along without them for decades. People used to be more self-reliant and knew what to so themselves in an emergency, not that they don't help in some rare occasions. But there is just no reason for people to always be talking to others who aren't there. It's good to be silent. It's good to plan ahead and make out a grocery list and not have to call up everyone to see if there is one more item them need. People always hated having the phone ring when they were eating but now we have people bringing their phones TO the table???
  • I agree with you o n this one, if you want to have completely shallow conversation with someone, talk to them about their cell phones.
  • We never had a cell phone until my husband was provided with one for his job (truck delivery driver), but he only uses it for work. We don't have a private cell phone. I always ask the same question, "How did everyone survive before cell phones?" I've worked in retail and seen people talking on the phone the entire time they were in the store -- you have to whisper to them while ringing them up and giving change! And I really am annoyed by the ear piece ones -- you see someone talking, you think they are talking to you, and then you feel like an idiot when you answer them! But the main thing I don't understand is this -- doesn't anyone care that everyone in earshot can listen to their conversations? I DON'T WANT TO HEAR IT!!! My phone conversations are PRIVATE, and I think everyone else's should be too!
  • Your not the only one. Here are two things that keep irritating me about cell phones. People who drive and talk. I've witnessed some of the worst driving by people who are talking on the cell phone (they're also usually driving a huge SUV). People who will answer thier cell phone while you are having a conversation with them. I don't have one right now and I don't want one. When I did have a cell phone it was for work and I didn't use it much which upset my wife because she expected that I would answer it at any time during the day.
  • Of course not! I especially can't stand it if I'm in a bookstore or library and a man/woman is talking very loudly on their phone. How rude is that? Also, when driving if somebody cuts me off, fails to use a blinker, or suddenly starts driving REALLY slow in front of me, most of the time it's somebody on the phone....GRRRRR!

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