• If you stop making car payments, the finance company will not usually list it as stolen, they will come get it. Depending on your finance company and your payment history, this may be 30, 60, or 90 days past due.
  • Property law is more complicated than most people realize. To "own" something is not a monolithic binary classification. It is a bundle of reletive rights that the government has agreed to arbitrate. The car is not stolen. It is "yours" since you have a title. The finance company has a lien on the car. You are in breach of contract. The finance company will probably first attempt to repossess the car. They may or may not sue you for breach of contract, depending on whether you have enough money to make it worth their efforts.
  • If one stops paying for a car prior to the car being paid off it is never reported as stolen. It becomes a business dispute and a legal resolution would be the lender suing the borrower for money owed. It is not a criminal case however the lender does have the right to take the car without asking for the borrower's permission (repossess the car).

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