• The most effective mode of buttock-reduction is running/jogging. This is the best way to lose weight around the buttocks area. I hope this helps.
  • If you are trying to lose fat from your ass, then the best way is to just try to lose fat. There is no real good way to control where the fat you burn comes from because it all has to be processed through the same organ to be used. If spot reduction was possible, right handed people would have much thinner right arms then left arms, and I have never seen this in a normal person.
  • Have great $E%. I know this may seem offensive to some but you really can strengthen up those buns by squeezing them in and out throughout the night (or whenever you choose to do it.) You can do it alone or with partner.
  • Many. Walking on a treadmill with your back straight while setting an incline of at least 5%. (Move your hips slightly back and forth while walking on the machine to relieve pressure on lower back). Jogging in the park with your back straight, not bent. Just make sure in this attempt you dont start leaning back. Kicking back one leg at a time while standing or kneeling down and squeezing the same side of the butt (as the leg) while doing so. If standing, grab the back of a chair or something. Bicycling while pressing the pedal with your heel and not the front of foot. Try not to let the front of foot hang too low. (a sure shot butt buster). While watching an interesting TV program, do a stationary walk and lift your knees all the way up to your waist level. (Squeeze your butt with your hands after 15 minutes. You will feel the firm difference). Remember, your butt is a most significant part of your sexual attractiveness. You may have a good height, a beautiful face, a flat stomach, bounding biceps, but FAT ASS will make it all look bad. So get working on that butt of yours and with regular exercise, it will disappear within six weeks. (I have seen people get rid of ASS with regular exercise).
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  • running, power walking...just about anything that uses the major lower body muscles..the glutes, upper leg muscles...mostly just losing weight, though. Spot reduction is kind of a myth...your body tends to lose and accumulate weight on a genetic level..not on a spot that you can control.
  • Log off the computer and get off your buttocks.
  • What sort of diet should one follow whilst following the advice given by FortyNotty?
  • Do not use much your front foot while walking especially when you bring the leg backward. Do not stretch knee much when you bring the leg backward.

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