• It depends upon what type of cotton fabric was used and if it was preshrunk. I would suspect that it would shrink less than half a shirt size.
  • Really little if you dry it on high like i do one time my shirts were so tiny after drying to long on high heat.
  • I would have said the opposite of Happy, no hot water and let it air dry the first time. You can lay it flat on a white towel and smooth out the wrinkles from the wash and let it dry that way. The next time you wash it, I would still us cold water and maybe dry it until it is slightly damp, shake it out and air dry it the rest of the way. You can expect the shirt to shrink over fifty percent in hot water and then a dryer.
  • Generally they will shrink as much as 5%, which is at least one full shirt size. They can continue to shrink in subsequent washings. For more info, see:

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