• You can use hydrogen peroxide, the regular old brown bottle. Just pour it on and rub it out.
  • Hydrogen peroxide works. If you catch the stain soon enough and the blood isn't fully dry (ladies, remember this one), soap and water is often sufficient. Most of the blood will rinse right off once you squeeze. The trick is to start with cold water, get what you can, and then increase the water temperature. Unless the blood has fully dried, you'll get almost all of it out that way and a bit of soap often does the rest.
  • IF the stain is old, you can try a product called Zout or even totally toddler- sold at toys r us its gets stains out of a lot of things
  • Oxi-Clean. It WILL take the stain out, and work better than ANYTHING else - I promise.
  • just a running water and a body soap. Try it! it will work.

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