• A.S degree is Associate of Science and is typically awarded in mathematics or physical sciences. A.A. is Associate of Arts and is typically awarded in the arts or humanities classes. For more info on degrees, check,
  • An AA degree is the first two years of a bachelors. It is expceted that you will go on for your four year degree. An A.S. degree is a two year degree and can be in several things. I was in an AS program for early childhood and now I am in AA program for sociology. My suggestion is to go talk to an advisor at your local college.
  • I was always under the imprssion an AS was an open ended 2 year degree, with more of a focus. compuer science, ciminal justice, etc. Something where you "could" go onto a 4 year with it or sit tight at a 2 year. And that an AA was a 2 year degree comprised of mostly general education with intentions of transferring into a 4 year degree program. While either of those degrees you can stop at 2 years and have some benfit in the workplace. Education pas highschool is still education.
  • A.S. is the abbreviation for Associate in Since. The A.A. degree is for students whose disciplines are in areas of study such as mathematics, the sciences or professional programs. These students tend to have a clear career goal in mind. A.A. is the abbreviation for Associate in Arts. The A.A. degree is for students that focus on liberal arts disciplines or are at a professional school. Science requirements for an A.A. degree are usually fewer than for an A.S. degree. These students are often still undecided about their career paths. I hope that clears it up.
  • An Associates of Science or usually in a technical type of career field for when you plan to go directly to work in that field. An Associates of Arts or A.A. is when you plan to continue on it that field or another to get your bachelor degree. I've been told by my advisor that Universities usually won't give you as much of a hard time with transfering AA degree classes but they tend to pick and choose which ones they will accept with an AS.
  • A science degree will enable you to get a job other than flipping burgers.

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