• Jonny Depp disturbed me in the remake... I was concerned for the safety of the children (and not just because the factory was basically trying to kill them).
  • I just loved Gene Wilder and to me he became Willy Wonka and even though he was nuts, he really seemed like a child at heart. Depp was not!
  • I truly agree, Gene Wilder was the true Willy Wonka.
  • I haven't seen the remake, but I can't imagine it being better. I am not big on remakes or sequels. ALTHOUGH, after seeing the original Ocean's 11, I like the remake better.
  • I've seen both and it was obvious that there'd be no Johnny Depp version if it wasn't for Gene Wilder's version. I definitely prefer the first one because Gene Wilder's just so unique!
  • Definately the original with Gene Wilder. I am the biggest Johnny Depp fan ever, but when I first heard he was going to play Wonka, my first thought, and I guess hope was that it would be a musical like the original. Well, I guess I can't have everything go my way.
  • I think Tim Burton's version with Johnny Depp depicted more what Roald Dahl envisioned when creating the character of Willy Wonka. Gene Wilder was great and fun-loving but Willy Wonka locked himself in a chocolate factory for however many years away from all human contact. I didn't find Gene Wilder "wierd" enough. You have to be some kind of crazy to do that and I think Johnny Depp depicted that well. I don't feel that Roald Dahl thought of a musical when he wrote his book. Granted I think both have a wonderful place in film history, but I feel that the newer version is more what Roald Dahl had in mind when he wrote his book.

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