• And in Moto-cross racing, aren't they the set of up-and-down hills? I think some are set up so they can be jumped, but others are long enough, you HAVE to ride them. Originally, Aren't they the roads in the boonies where you go at speed to the top of the hill, and it drops out from under you, leaving that same tickle in your tummy you get on a roller-coaster? (Actually, aren't THOSE things on the roller-coasters called WDs?)
  • As in the song, Whoopty Do? I think it's like whistling in the make yourself feel better..instead of saying oh sh** you say Whoopty Do and see..doesn't it make you feel better about things? :)
  • I remember a whoopty being another word for car and when you found those little crests on a road where if yu went just the righr speed you could sail up, getting all four wheels off the ground, those hills were called whoopty dos:-) And now in motocross and even some skiing, they refer to those little humps as whoopty dos, too.
  • I think it is what Scooby does after eating all those Scooby snacks.

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