• I have, it didn't last long but I still think that man was the love of my life.
  • I am a Scorpio, so it wasn't pretty. I like intense, but it was a bit over the top in that respect. I don't have the infamous Scorpio temper, but he did. Not a good match.
  • Yes and it was a royal crying shame because Virgos and Scorpios DO NOT MIX! Not once, not twice, not even three times! When scorpios get that tail of theirs in a spinning figure 8 you better watch out because Virgos are perfectionists and it becomes Mayhem for sure! So sorry, but that's the truth!
  • I'm a Scorpio and I once dated another Scorpio it for a good while we was to jealous for each other and we was pretty young at the time but it can work .
  • I'm a Scorpio and I know better than to date someone like myself. There's only room for one bitch in my relationships....and it's always ME!
  • I was with a scorpio for a year and a half. I'm a capricorn. Our relationship was a really meaningful and deep one. We understood eachother better than anyone else and we both felt as if we had a close connection to eachother. Our relationship worked for a long time because we balanced eachother so well, but it ended when he moved away for college. It was too long of a distance, but he was the one to initiate the break up. He had his dreams and goals all conjured up and he realized and accepted that the distance wouldn't allow me to be a part of them. I was upset for a while but it's been a few months and I've pretty much moved on. I've come to realize I have my own life to live. From my time with him, I've learned that with scorpios- they'll love you whole-heartedly and make you their world, but if they have a lot of close friends, they'll always come first. The other thing I learned with him is that you can never change a scorpio. They're stubborn as all and even if you're trying to help them, they won't accept it. But if I were given the choice of being with a scorpio again, I would take it in a heartbeat.
  • Married to Scorpio for 8 years (I am aquarius/pisces cusp). It was like the War of the Roses !! We brought out the absolute worst in each other and enjoyed doing it. Ended in violence and divorce. Whew - its good to be free again and able to breath.
  • I am a Scorpio and I can tell ya that it can be heaven or it can be the worst hell you've ever been in.
  • i am currently with this guy we have been together for 3 and a half months its great
  • I'm a Leo and in the past, I've always found myself helpless to the scorpio's "powers"--only to be STUNG in the long run!!! Leos, beware!!!
  • I am a Scorpio male and pretty easy to deal with until/unless I get burned. Then it's war. Scorpios don't like to be controlled or manipulated or lied to and when that happens, watch out. Scorpios can fight very well emotionally. We can make you hurt on levels you never knew existed. We are stubborn and can hold out on you forever, even if it kills us. We are controlling as in, we like to be in control of situations - NOT people. You are not a part of our world - YOU ARE OUR WORLD. We do not tease and we love long, stable relationships. We HATE games. We are fiercely loyal and will indulge your deepest senses. We are passionate. We will give you anything you want and we love unconditionally and sometimes uncontrollably. Passion rocks and sex is off the chain. You're a good woman if you can break up with a Scorpio and not CRAVE the sex. We don't settle for just anything. We are determined people. We know EXACTLY what we want and we know how to get anything we want. We don't hurt or sting unless you hurt us and once the trust is broken it is difficult if not impossible to earn their trust back. And trust, when we're done with you...we are DONE. I can't say ALL Scorpios are like this however this describes most of us very well. Any other Scorpios out there care to join in?
  • I am dating a Scorpio, and I am an Aries. We clash *A LOT* but he is the love of my life.
  • Nope, I dislike bugs!

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