• Vegemite. Not a fan.
  • Play D'oh
  • beef liver and goose liver (pate). any animals liver is GROSS!
  • Rain bug. They are a roundish flying beetle with brown and white stripes. They always seem to bounce off of the windows when it's raining at night. When I was a kid and my grand parents were still living. They caught a few of them and tossed them on top of the hot wood stove. They rolled them around a bit until it looked like oil was coming out of them with steam. Grandma pronounced them "done." She pinched the wings off of them and blew on them and popped 1 into her mouth and told us "this is ndn popcorn" We all got 1 to eat and they reminded me of pine nuts and butter. It wasn't bad at all. When I tried to get my grandkids to try them, all I heard ws "eeewww! Grandpa's eating bugs!"
  • Okra.😐
  • Years ago steak tartare in a restaurant in the Georgetown neighborhood of Wash.D.C. tts raw beef steak.

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