• Let them be and move on.
  • i guess friends if you want. he is just being nice and telling you he doesn't want to sleep with you or have a respectable relationship with, i dont know why you'd want to be his friend after that though or why you would like him still...??? Humm
  • Take him at face value. Either accept that you two are only going to be friends or move on. Good luck.
  • Well you can stick around and be friends with him, if thats not too hard for you, or you can move on and try to be more with someone else, although if you stay there could be a chance after his confusing point in his life that he will still want to have something with you, andhe could appreciate you more for sticking by him thru hard times.
  • I would say do nothing. given that you still like him it sounds like it would be painful to be friends. Waiting and hoping that he'll change is a waste of time and energy. They usually don't. You could send him a txt saying you're not interested in friendship at this point in time. Number one: Protect your heart. This guy is not a good investment.
  • &gt;>i'm at confusing point in life an didn't want 2 involve u. ur a cool grl and i do like u alot. I hope we at least be friends..."<<   This is standard guy-code for "I'm horny again and I'd like to keep you available."   You have a choice between casual sex, whenever he is in the mood, and meeting a guy who is past the "confusing point" in his life.  
  • obviously some immature idiot who wants an NSA casual relationship with you! If you are ok with becoming his FWB, go ahead. If not, then find someone better. He's not worth your time.
  • Tell him you want to keep things at a romantic level. If he still doesn't want romance, ask him how you can help him get over this confusion. If that still doesn't do it, refer to Mr. Natural's post.
  • He wasn't confused when you took your pants off. See how many languages you can say "good-bye" in. "i still like him" - Why like a guy that would treat you like this. Get some self-respect. How can others respect you if you can't respect yourself?
  • I've been in this situation before, i learnt you need to give them time and space. Be there for him if he needs you but let him know he can't click his fingers and you'll come running just support him like any other friend and maybe he'll see what he is missing. If not then run!!! I know its a cliche but if its meant to be its meant to be...
  • He said that he "at least" wanted to be friends with you. That indicates he might be interested in something more. If you're interested tell him that being friends might work, why don't we get together for coffee. Then hear him out and decide if you want to resume dating him and if he wants that. From what you have said I do not think he has committed any serious transgressions toward you. Neither does it sound like you have much evidence he is "Mr. Right" but if you like him have a coffee with him and see if the relationship seems worth while to pursue.

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