• People have different ideas of what is and what isn't offensive. If you are fine with it, then forget what others think.
  • If you aren't insulted or offended, then there's no problem, right?
  • Everybody has their own sense of humor. If it bothers you and/or your daughter, don't wear it. Simple as that. Apparently you've told people where you got them, and they've reacted negatively. Try an experiment. Next time someone asks you where you go them, say you picked them up somewhere, you don't remember where. I'd be willing to bet their reactions are different. Exes and their wives often get bad raps for thinking this way about THEIR exes. 'Taint necessarily so. Whether they were serious or not, it sounds like they hit your funny bone. Don't let "people" ruin YOUR sense of humor. If it was a joke, it worked. If it was because he/they understood your sense of humor, it worked. If it was to p-ss you off, it failed. Who cares? (And NO ONE else should but you and your daughter.) Have fun! ;-)
  • Sounds funny to me. Providing you (or your daughter) don't see it as offensive I don't see an issue. I assume from this it is a fairly cordial relationship with your ex so I see no issue.
  • That doesn't sound very funny to me, considering it's a gift from your ex and his gf. You've probably heard the saying that every joke has a kernel of truth to it. In this case, that sounds like a pretty big-ass kernel. It's good that you think it's funny, I don't know that I would react that way if I were in the same situation, but I just tend to read into things too much as a general rule.
  • If it works for you and your daughter, then that's what matters.
  • Personally, I love it! As long as you're not offended at the possibility of your ex considering you AND your daughter "bitches"... what's there to be mad about? Man... do they make those in husband and wife versions?
  • You must be one thick-skinned woman. Personally, if I received such a gift, I would be offended and I would let my daughter know that I think it's inappropriate for a young girl to be called a bitch by anyone, much less someone associated with her father, even in fun. With adults encouraging this kind of coarse language, it's no wonder that the younger generation accepts it, and its implications, with no critical thinking whatsoever. Freedom of speech has its limits. I prefer my children not be be associated with pottymouths with no class.
  • It sounds funny to me, I am actually laughing! -- Believe me, that wasn't meant as insult.
  • It is fine if you are fine with it. I think it goes to show that your relationship with your ex is healthy!
  • Good you've got a sense of humor. You're ex should have thought through the possibility you might not receive it so well.
  • Having a good relationship with the ex and his gf sounds like a good thing to me. They seem to know your sense of humor too. I personally see no problem here. Unless your daughter is a toddler or something, then it's weird haha

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