• It's what happens when all of the following intersect in a single moment: - Experience - Freedom from preconceptions and biases - Thorough awareness of the exact details of the situation at hand - A concern for fairness and the welfare of all involved - A willingness to take responsibility for choosing and the consequences thereof.
  • i mean like a straight definition. i can't find one anywhere!
  • Having a sense of what's good or benefitial for yourself or others. That involves making a balanced decision, weighing the pros and cons. Of course most judgments qualify as good mainly after some time has passed and the consequences of those actions measured.
  • Although, I think Brand Y's answer was superb, I will take a slightly different tact because I think one of his bullets handily dismantles the actual use of "judgement"... focusing then on "being" as opposed to "judging beingness"...I would simply add that the use of "judgment" actually parameterizes experience.... when you begin any moment without the preconceived and simultaneously and completely knowing that the universe is always and in all ways conspiring in your favor, experiences open profoundly... if you haven't done this, then encounter something, the ego (or perception engine) will react with a judgment...if this happens, don't worry about it...merely take the judgment down by saying within that you don't know what anything including this means, therefore you don't know how to react...this repositions the core identity you're holding about you to open....experiences then unfold naturally and so sensibly, you may conclude that the previous reliance on the use of judgments added nothing....

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