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  • Is it obvious that it isn't true? Or are you merely assuming that it isn't true because of your opinion of the system of astrology? Natal astrology seems accurate to some extent, at least in my experience. Scorpios are backstabbing narcissists, Aquarians are flaky intelligent hippies, and the Virgos don't believe in astrology: in any new age store, they will *never* sell out of "Virgo" astrological stuff, and what little is bought is often by Aquarians for their Virgo acquaintances. The Virgo period is August 23 to September 22, if you want to check your birthdate, Anonymous. Tauruses are also natural "astrology doesn't work" people (though not as strongly as the Virgos), you may want to see if your birthdate is in the period of April 20 to May 20. There's been some research on natal astrology, based on the concept that "being inside a womb during certain periods of the year means your development is changed in specific ways". Aquarians develop during the last four months of pregnancy in the "poor quality food months", so they are airheads who are willing to share. Scorpios develop during harvest, so they come out wanting to keep the gravy train flowing, regardless of who has to die to keep the resources going in the direction of the Scorpio. The difficulty I have with throwing astrology out entirely is that I think that something really is being measured about human personality. The only problem I have is that I think that the tool is misnamed. Example: a voltmeter has a lot of uses, but one use to which it can be put is to find out if an outlet has power running into it before you stick a fork into it. If the needle jumps when you plug in the voltmeter, then if you stick a fork into the outlet, you will receive a powerful electric shock. If you didn't know what a voltmeter was, then you might assume that this device is for protecting yourself from electric shock, in which duty it performs admirably. This is my attitude about astrology: it gets some results, some of the time. I can't entirely toss out the whole tool yet because there might be some other results (such as the amperage scale, or possibly a handy resistance meter) which could justify the tool as useful. Newspaper horoscopes are tiny paragraphs, often in a half-page, so I doubt much of anything can be printed in that tiny space except for "stuff which will work on the principle of selective thinking". Horoscopes themselves...well, perhaps the tool is really something else.
  • Well that is an interesting answer....Pretty negative and very generalized....I am a Virgo and I am an Astrolger so that sort of blows that theory right out of the water. Astrology is not flaky nor stereotypical. There is some science involved. What is flaky is that Astrology is subjective...somewhat like the response I read I could tell you great things about Virgo's and Aquarius and Taurus that would probably not line up with the opinion here. Because Astrologers interpret based on their learning, there will always be differences and I'm sure if you took into account that we are not just our sun sign but we are the whole zodiac you would get it. IF you want to see what astrology can do as far as accuracy get a reading from a reputable Astrolger. If they are good, it will blow your socks off as to what they can tell you about you and about what is coming. Sun Signs or Horoscopes are like a thumbnail of one piece of a very large pie.

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