• Do what ever you can to go to her. I made that mistake with my grandma. *sigh*. yeah, go hurry. You'll regret it. trust me ='[. I'll be praying for her. =]
  • Can she talk on the telephone at all? Perhaps you could have someone hold the phone to her ear, and just let her know how much you care about her. Sending the cards is wonderful, and it probably means more to her than you will ever know! I'm sorry you are going through this.
  • Be there for her..just let her know that you care. She may well be too ill for company and such so that it may be a blessing that you live far away..She may not be up to frequent visits. I don't really know here..but a card every week is really a lot more than a lot of people would do. I think it is touching and may well be enough--at least as much as she can handle (depending on how weak she is).
  • What kind of video playback technology does she have? If she's stuck in a hospital room, any chance you could send her a portable DVD player? I'm actually not talking crass materialism here: you'd record *yourself* doing outdoorsy stuff (gardens, zoos, feeding birds, anything your aunt probably can't get out to do right now) and send her the videos to watch. Or just talk to her in the videos, tell her everything you've always wanted to tell her. Its like a card, but it allows your aunt to see direct evidence you're healthy and reasonably happy (given the circumstances). If recovery is at all possible then she'll laugh and might get better, and if not then at least she'll laugh and smile. They've done these studies which say that paintings of children playing and people being active help people in hospitals get better quicker.
  • call her.....i know she would love to talk to you. if she is unable to talk to you, just let the nurse hold the phone to her ear and you talk to her. let her know how you feel about her. don't wait. my dad died of cancer almost 3yrs ago & before he died he would tell me the people he wanted me to call for him just so he could talk them one last time. it was very emotional for me to do, but i did it, and after seeing how much it meant to him and how much joy it brought him to talk to those people, i don't regret helping him do that.
  • I'm so sorry..when my sister was dying there were a few friends who couldn't come to be with her and they would call her and talk. she couldn't hold the phone or talk sometimes,but i know it made a difference to her.

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