• salvia divinarum is, but alot of states are making it illegal. It's a seed, or plant most likely to come from growers of the plant, or metaphysical stores
  • Look at this it will help you. While there are some types that are psychoactive there are many that are not.
  • Even if it is, I doubt the Wal-Mart employees are going to run around advertising it.
  • As if a Walmart employee knows what he's talking about in any subject.
  • you may be thinking of sativa not salvia. Salvia is a flower. sativa is m.j.
  • Not all types of Salvia are psychoactive and it's unlikely that most Walmart staff would know which are or aren't.
  • It wasn't salvia divinorum, which is the psychoactive kind of salvia. Salvia is sage. (Salvia divinorum means Diviner's sage)
  • A few weeks ago I was in the gardening section of Wal-Mart when I came across a bunch of decrepit, withered pots of Salvia on sale for $1.50. I immediately freaked and bought the last five they had. Unfortunately, I realized they were Salvia Nemorosa, and not Salvia Divinorum. I've heard Nemorosa is still psychoactive, though I haven't had any luck with it. What kind of seeds did you find? Also, I don't think a lot of people know about Salvia. I'd never heard of it until I saw something on Current TV about it. It's possible the clerk didn't know what it was.
  • It can be, and in many states Salvia is still legal.
  • Many plants have alternate usages,but should they be made illegal ?
  • You need to check a local head shop.
  • Salvia is the name of a huge plant genus, which includes among other things, sage that you eat and cook with and lovely flowers for your garden. The one you are referring to is one of hundreds of kinds, salvia divinorum.
  • i may be wrong but im too lazy to google it... i thought it was sativa that was psychoactive not salvia.
  • copy that

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