• Most normal people would be very surprised to find out what the other abnormal people are up to these days. It's shocking, it defies logic, all common sense, common decency and humanity. The hate, the narrow minded fools who follow others blinded because it's easier to follow than think for themselves. They let the evil, the hate and every negative aspect to being human control them and bring them into a world of misery and unhappiness. Misery loves company the old saying goes, the more the merrier. People seem to need to belong to something no matter how negative that something is. Once we start educating our people and teaching them enlightenment and acceptance of people who are different this mentality will not continue. Those people who are sheep will stop following those who have agendas of hate and evil when and if we do. Until then this type of mentality will continue until we finally destroy each other either directly or indirectly.
  • That old prison gang still exists? Last I'd heard they had faded off somewhere out in the '90s because of increased use of force by prison guards 0.o.
  • there was a group of them on the hbo series OZ. it was a prision movie and to me i thought that is was only gays members who is raceist.
  • I can't speak for anyone else but I definitely know about the Aryan Brotherhood.
  • I know what the Aryan Brotherhood is -- It first originated in San Quentin prison sometimes in the 1960s. -- Is it believed that the A. B. is among the worst offenders of prison gang violence.
  • I was vaguely familiar with the Aryan Brotherhood, a vicious prison gang. Here's some more info found on Wiki...pretty scary!
  • i am familiar with the aryan brotherhood because i have spent alot of time working with people who have been incarcerated. that and they used to try to recruit kids at punk shows. Be cautious if a member was chatting you up....
  • Are you talking about people that support/supported the Nazi's? Those who believe that they are superior? Those who wanted to eliminate those of Jewish heritage...those who extolled the virtues of the Aryan nation?
  • I have one living next door. Excon, timothy mcVeigh sympathizer w/nazi tattoos.
  • The Arian Brotherhood is a white supremacist group, that came after the KKK. The modern version anyway. What is an Arian? A tall, blong haired, blue eyed German caucasian. They draw the significance of the Arians from Adolf Hitler, who believed the Arians were of better blood, superior to all Europeans, and everyone else...that is until he held his own Olympics, and the Africans taught them a lesson. The Brotherhood is the pinnacle of ignorance, don't associate with such trash.
  • I did not hear of this before but it sounds like some kind of Nazi crap. I just had a look at the Wikipedia article. I prefer to use the abbreviation AB for something else...

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