• Canes are force only weapons that have average power and accuracy. Lower level canes are pretty useless and you would do well to sub them for a wand or rod as soon as you can. Special Canes are pretty much interchangeable with Special Rods and Wands and which one you equip depends on your playing style. With force weapons, many people tend to equip based on special attacks rather than ATP or ATA boosts as few Forces tend to want to engage in hand-to-hand combat. - Cane Attributes: ATP +30, ATA +40 Description: "A cane usable by Forces. Has low attack power." - Stick Attributes: ATP +60, ATA +45 Description: "A high quality cane with average attack power." - Mace Attributes: ATP +90, ATA +50 Description: "A superior cane, usable only by masters." - Club Attributes: ATP +120, ATA +55 Description: "An exceptional cane. Has amazing powers." - CLUB OF LACONIUM Attributes: ATP +150, ATA +60, Luck +10 Special: Fire Description: "A legendary cane made of Laconium metal. It's special attack causes fire damage." Requirement: MST 430 Stars: 9 Max grind: 9 Comments: PINKAL: common drop in all area and difficulties - MACE OF ADAMAN Attributes: ATP +180, ATP +55 Special: Lightning Description: "A legendary cane made of the magic stone Adaman. Its special attack adds lightning damage." Requirement: MST 440 Stars: 9 Max grind: 9 Comments: Find in Ult. Mines/Ruins - CLUB OF ZUMIURAN Attributes: ATP +220, ATA +60, MST +10 Special: Death Description: "A legendary cane made of the magic stone Zumiuran. Its special attack can cause instant death." Requirement: MST 450 Stars: 9 Max grind: 0 Comments: - SUMMIT MOON Attributes: ATP +566, ATA +140, MST +55 Special: Lightning Description: "The stone on this cane increases your mental strength. Its special attack is lightning." Requirement: MST 800 Stars: 11 Max grind: 45 Comments: Force only. Find in Ult. Ruins - STING TIP Attributes: ATP +170, ATA +40, MST +30, DFP +40 Special: TP drain from enemy Description: "A special battle cane with needles on its tip. Its special attack steals TP." Requirement: MST 450 Stars: 10 Max grind: 30 Comments: Find in various modes from Hard onwards, but only in Ep II. - DEMONIC FORK Attributes: ATP +345, ATA +45, MST +35 Special: EXP thief Description: "This evil fork brings bad luck to the person who equips it. Its special attack steals enemy experience." Requirement: MST 720 Stars: 10 Max grind: Comments: Find in Ultimate Central Control Found at:

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