• My advice is laugh at it and I do believe that the negative points total upwards on your score! If they do not get to you they will go away. Invite them in for a spree!
  • Report it via feedback. If someone truly is trolling you, the staff will put an end to it.
  • Just learn to enjoy it. I find that trolling tickles. You can turn it around, like I did here:
  • If it's excessive, send feedback to AB. the meantime, buy some of this.
  • I'll look at your profile and do a little posi-trolling to fix the damage that was done.
  • Hide it's rock. If it has no place to crawl under and is exposed for a long period it will dry up and blow away. Or starve it by not giving it the sustenance (attention) it craves. Report it. Meanwhile..a little posi-trolling seems to be in order. :-)
  • I just happened to go +point trolling ,heres some for you!I don't know how to kill it unless you happen to have the Big Billy Goat Gruff trample him/her! :D
  • Laugh! It kills there pleasure. ;-) I will randomly add points to answer that are fine, but someone has D/R'd them. I think I will randomly check yours, did you have a debate with someone around the time it started?

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