• Yep even though were Polish :P
  • My ancestors come from Europe, Russia, Poland, The Czech Republic and Austria. My ancestors were just normal everyday people living day to day. They did enough o get me here so I would have to say I am proud of them.
  • It's hard for me to really answer that. I know so little about them. They were poor and from poor countries. They came to the US to find a better life and for that I admire them. It's very hard to break free of a place and head for the unknown with little more than hope. That is brave. In the case of my ancestors that was a good decision. I guess I am the product of some successful decision-making so sometimes that gives me hope for my own decision-making. I suppose it's hard for me to feel like I could ever be ashamed of people I did not know. I can look at photos of them but never really know what their lives were like.
  • I am proud of my ancestors.
  • Well, I have to say honestly that some were nice people and some were not. But they were all survivors and without them I would not be here.
  • I haven't had the pleasure of their acquaintance, but I have been able to trace many of their stories back through time. As a result, I obtained membership in the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma. My Grandfather was an original enrollee, and my Mother was born in a Tribal hospital.
  • Pride is for something you had a hand on.
  • Neither, I didn't know them so I can't comment. I love my immediate family (i.e. the ones I have met) and have been both ashamed and proud of them depending on the situation.
  • im proud to come from a long line of londoners - its said we are the salt of the earth
  • Depending on the situation, but i will say that i am sometimes ashamed of their lack of education, but im proud of their bravery as refugees. ILY THEM! :D <333
  • I've heard this question asked - especially of ancestors who lived in times or situations that we might not be comfortable with today. What if we find a cattle rustler or a slave owner? What if some ancestors are military veterans and some protested a war? What if some are theists and some are atheists? What if some loved to eat meat and some were vegetarians? On and on it goes. Yet likely we're doing well to have FOUND each ancestor .. factual outlines .. with no way to know all the important things that go ALONG with any paper records or trails we find. Personality. Values. More. For every event in history in any country - it makes sense there were plenty of people on both sides. That means our ancestors have made decisions or been in circumstances that we may or may not be ok with. (now) But I don't think it's appropriate to rush to either shame or pride .. reacting to the bits of data we find about each ancestor. Intead, I celebrate the FINDING of an ancestor. I claim each and acknowledge them. I tip my hat to each then spend time trying to learn of the contextual history of their lives and times. I build up a profile as far as I'm able. I'm honored to be the one in the family LOOKING for ancestors --- gathering what's known --- and passing that FORWARD to others so they are not forgotten.
  • i havent looked deep into my ancestory but i read that for being related it only takes about 1 in 5 people to be connected as family so we could be related really long distant though if any
  • Very proud on my ancestors!!
  • mostly confused. what am i? where did i come from?
  • Very proud. I have ancestors who were there for many major events in history. A far distant ancestor fought for the American side in the American Civil War. I had a Revoultionary War veteran ancestor and my Great Aunt survived near death on the Lusitinia in 1915.
  • I am not ashamed or proud. Just informed. I love studying my ancestry. I am fascinated w/them. I am thankful for each one and the role they played in my comming to be. I feel for them in their hardships and rejoice w/them in their victories. I have my Dads side traced back to the 1500's Scottland. I want to go back and finish the work they started that was so dear to them. And that was freeing themselves from England.
  • That is a mixed bag for me.

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