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    • Linda Joy
      Oh, sry! I see the link now! Lol
    • Linda Joy
      Nice work!
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  • Hi, neenie. The only way to determine what to charge is to wait until you find a buyer. If they pay the price you ask, then you might consider raising it, until you reach the point no one will buy. The way retailers decide what to charge is to look at what their competitors charge. Look on ebay, for the prices that items sell for, not the asking price. I wish you the best.
  • that is just lovely. I personally would charge $300 to crochet that and not one penny less. BEAUTIFUL.
  • I think charging by the hour is a good choice, but other wise you should charge based on your skills. I would pay about $35 bucks for that blanket. But I would want to pay you your worth, I have no idea how long it took you to do that, which is why charging by the hour is easier. Nice blanket, by the way :)
  • Your work is beautiful. I have crocheted now for 48 years and I usually gift my items to people instead of charging, but you can price yourself right out of business and be keeping all of the items you make if you charge too much. You have to realize this is a bad economy right now. What I do when I sell my items (except crocheted thread tablecloths) is get two and a half more times what I paid for the yarn. Say I paid $10.00 for the yarn to make a baby afghan I would charge $35.00 for the blanket. That doesn't seem like much, but alot of people can't afford more than that and items that come hand crocheted from China are putting the rest of us out of business. You could always start a little higher like the one lady suggested and come down towards the end of the day at a fair or show. People will pay more around the holidays than they usually would. There isn't a baby in my church that hasn't had one of my hand made baby afghans and I probably have over 2,000 patterns for them. Crocheting is very cathartic and I can lose myself while I am using my hands this way. Love goes into every stitch. Keep on stitchin!
  • Hello, you may want to check out You will find a lot of information on selling your knitting and crochet.
  • It's beautiful. I'm not much help as I usually have the same dilemma. Charging what it's really worth in terms of your time and effort isn't always realistic. It's what people are willing to pay that is going to determine your fair market value. I think the suggestion to check out e-bay is a good one. Also any local craft fairs, craft stores, etc... Hope you make a lot on it.
  • I have learn that one can charge two and a half more than the materials as well. I would not suggest by the hour because it could take you 10 hours but another it may only take 4 hours. I mean by this you could have other errands that require your time and crochet part time but others may only do crocheting all day.
  • Generally speaking 3 times the amount the yarn cost to do the project but if they're buying the yarn then it would probably be two times the cost of the yarn. I didn't see a link in your question though to look at the item
    • Linda Joy
      If the yarn costs $10. Charge $30. For the item, if they pay for the yarn charge $20. But if its detailed work I'd charge more. Like when I make baby booties I usually charger ridiculous price because I don't like to make them. Lol Actually I usually donate my stuff, too.

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