• I don't typically find obese people attractive, but I find some overweight people to be attractive.
  • Not really... I dont find them attractive. Doesnt change my respect or views for what kind of person they are.
  • It might sound strange, but unless they're grossly obese or mobidly emaciated, most people look attractive naked.
  • no not a bit
  • i know some very beautiful overweight women and they are very confident too. I don't get it.
  • Depends on what you are looking at? Obese plp are attractive plp. But if your trying out for a part in life like modeling or dancing--we may say not for you. We have this slim plp mentality in America. Yet variety is what makes us unique. I love all size plp--its the heart that counts. And the only unattractive plp I know are the ones who can't seem to look pass the outer apprearance.
  • Not generally. Not to say they aren't worth my friendship or anthing like that but my system has it's own likings and that's pretty much separate from my thinker.
  • It's on a case by case basis. Some are BEAUTIFUL, and some look better bigger. Like Star Jones. Since her gastric bypass, she has an alien look about her... And I always thought she was pretty when she was on The View. There are some less attractive larger people, but there are also some hideous smaller people. I agree with the Wise Guy, that it shouldn't change the level of respect they receive as a human being either way.
  • omg how sad is this.... LOL anyway.. i think people r pretty in their own way it doesnt realy matter if they have some or alot of fat on them! u should NEVER feel like u have 2 change 4 no 1! i just 2 b a size 14 going on 18 now i know that is as big as some people but 2 me at de time i was massive! and now im a size 8 going on a size 5 .. i always felt like i needed 2 be thin! like realy thin with no fat any were on me body and now im starting 2 realise how stupid that was! because every 1 in my view is pretty! no matter wot size hair couler boob size they r true attractiveness and sexyness comes from within if u ooze coffidence of corse u will look more attractive! im not saying that u wont b repeled by uglyness because of corse u will that is just being a human! but even if someone is ugly there personality could be soo incredibal that it shines through their apperance and makes them atractive :) .... wot im realy getting at is never try 2 chage ur self 4 no1 and nothing because people will love u 4 U! and will exsept u curves and ur lumps and or u imperfections and if their 2 shallow 2 exsept them then just STUFF THEM! there just not worth u! beauty is in the eye of the beholder! U decide wot U like! :D xxxxxx
  • as a former fat person i wish i could say yes. as a woman i wish i could say yes......i can do neither. i couldnt do it when i was fat either. i dont think they have to be unattractive because of being fat-but nothing is more inappropriate than a fat woman who dresses like she is not. i wish i could feel differently
  • if im honest no i dont but sometimes some larger people do pull off the fat look very well
  • Depends on the persons face, and exactly HOW fat they are.
  • Depends on the person. I've seen ugly-thin, ugly-fat, attractive-thin, attractive-fat. I usually look at the face, not the body.
  • No; but I certainly find very curvy and well put-together girls with nicely-built muscles very attractive. I like the well-built athletic types.
  • I find some chubby women attractive.
  • Plump can be attractive, on a woman. But fat is not. I think men should be thinner, but then so does nature. Of course, there are exceptions--particularly extremely tall men who would do well with a little extra girth.
  • it depends really. beauty does not depend on being fat or thin. there are attractive fat people just as there are attractive thin people. unfortunately, in the eyes of society, thinness seems to be the norm. to most people i know, thin is in and fat is out. this is not to be mean, i'm just describing how others usually prefer thin ppl.
  • i am a fat person my self but i don't date fat men
  • Not really.
  • Not personally ..and all things being equal..fat people use more soap :)
  • What is your definition of "fat"?. For example, I think Queen Latifah is beautiful..she is a large woman, but gorgeous. So, who do you think is fat? Happy Thursday! :)
    • Abha
      There`s a difference between large and fat. And I don`t think I need to explain you that................
  • To be honest, whoever here is going on about 'internal beauty', let me clear that no one actually wants to marry someone who`s 'really' ugly, until and unless the person is very - very nice to you. I am not saying fat people are ugly, it`s just that i don`t like them much. And by fat I does NOT mean people who are overweight, I am talking about those who cannot manage their own weight and body. In fact, I think I am a bit overweight. This answer is not to make anyone feel bad, because everyone should love them just the way they are.
  • depends on their feeling about themselves, their attitude, their feeling in their heart, their actions and behavior.
  • Actually very few and far apart!

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